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High C 1S lipo?


So for my brushless indoor whoop I am probably going to need a high C 1S lipo so they don’t puff quickly.

I was looking at these lipos. https://www.amazon.com/380mAh-Battery-HS170C-Hubsan-Quadcopter/dp/B01N74S3LO

But they are only 25C which is really low.

I was thinking about buying a Tattu 3S 300mah or 450mah 75C lipo and converting it into three 1S 75C lipos. This may be the route to go since I was planning on switching out connectors to XT30Us anyway.

I also saw that Boldclash sells 450mah high C batteries, but I don’t know how much I trust them…

Do any of you guys have a recommendation for a good 1S high C lipo for an indoor brushless build? I’m planning on using 1102 15000KV motors with 1535 props.


I think eachine 600/750mah 50c batteries from banggood are pretty good for what i do but if you want less capacity there’s some “gaoneng” 450 or 350mah 80c batteries which i haven’t tried so i have nothing to say about them yet


You are going for XT30U on 1S? And I thought I’m going a bit overkill with XT30U on 2S already. 1535 props are rather pretty inefficient but work fine (depends which prop you have, there are major differences in performance and durability). I just don’t trust 1S lipos at all. I’m flying with the cheapest 2S 45C 300mAh I could find (~4 EUR per lipo). Tattu lipos are in my experience not bad but also not stellar w.r.t. to their C rating either.

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I was going to use a Walkera plug but it is only rated at 2A also and my motors may draw around 4A each max throttle. I already have most of my brushless on XT30U anyway and I was lazy getting the JST connectors.

@las Have you had bad experiences with 1S other than for whoops? I’ve read only one guy on RC Groups saying his new ones puffed for 0705 brushless motors. Also, are there any other brands of 1535 props that are better? The only one I found/bought were Eachine 1535 props on BG.


I disassembled this battery for a 1000mAh “high C” 1S pack.

In the process now, w JST, not for brushless motors but for the huge 10 mm cans.
I’ll be sure to report whether not they hold up


I’ve only made bad experiences with 1S lipos and every time I see DVR footage of 1S quads (no matter brushed/brushless, but I think brushless is even worse) with OSDs I always see the voltage drop under 3.2V per cell in like the first 30 seconds - less than 3.2V per cell under load is practically “killing it”. Doesn’t matter what the cell recovers to after you land, what matters most is the peak performance you ask from the lipo during flight.

Show me DVR footage where the voltage sensor is correctly calibrated and the per cell voltage during flight doesn’t drop below 3.2V on a 1S brushless model in the first 60 seconds, I didn’t see that yet. I would actually prefer to be wrong here.

Nevertheless 2S lipos are not much more expensive and there are reasonable 300mAh choices.
While 1S is IMHO a bad choice for brushless, XT30U is pretty much one of the best small connectors in many ways. I would really like to see something like an XT15/XT20.


@las Well I will get voltage telemetry for my build, so I could let you know the cell voltage for a 1S build. The reason I was going 1S was to save weight and underpower these motors for indoor whooping.

Yeah. I hope they come out with these tiny connectors for the new brushless whoop hype.


Which hype? They are trying for over one year now. Give my a 16x16 2-4S stack please. I don’t need 1S.
2S is flyable fine indoors, you can always limit your throttle range if you need less power. For 1535 props I recommend the KingKong/LDARC 1535 triblades - the racerstar 1535 quadblades are inefficient crap in comparison. Which 1102 15000KV are you using? I think with a 1535 that might even be underpropping the motor on 2S.

I would really like to try 3S on a machine with 1535 props, but there are currently no 16x16mm or smaller FCs/ESCs which can handle that.


I’m planning to use Flex RC 1102 15000KV motors. I’ll get some Triblades to test also. For 2S, I was just concerned about the weight increase as I’m going for as light as possible.


Hey, 1s for brushless isn’t that bad! :smile: I have a 8000kv 1s build which is quite fun!

When it comes to batteries, your best bet is to get a decent 2s/3s and then split it. However the individual cells will probably be heavier than its original 1s equivalent. I split a 350mah 20c 2s zippy batt and it weighed 2gr more than stock batt but the Zippy would provide better punch and flight times. The additional weight could be negated by the extra c rating

If you can’t be bothered to do that, Nano tech 300mah 45-90c batts are meant to be decent.


So Tattu 3s 75C and split. Hopefully I don’t blow myself up. Haha!


Are the batteries from Banggood or HobbyKing any good?

I was going to get straight from Tattu but I don’t want to pay shipping…


Depends. If they’re cheap, no.
Because there are only a couple cell manufacturers a cheap cell means it’s either defective, or not what it’s label says it is.
200mah 5c sold as 300mah 30c for example.


How are the Turnigy Lipos from HobbyKing or the Gaoneng or Zop from Banggood?


Turnigy is good, gaoneng is great, zop is generally horrible.

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This. Do not buy Zop. Same goes for XF power or whatever they’re called. The Zippy batts from hobbyking aren’t too bad also


Zop 2s 750mAh red-jst are the only zop batteries I’ve found that are actually good, all the rest are lousy or worse.


Cool! Do the Tunigy batteries from HobbyKing and the gaoneng batteries from Banggood normally arrive right after shipping at 3.8V, 4.2V, or 3.7V.


I’m not so familiar with brushless whoops, but wasn’t Dmitri from FlexRC raving about these new Tattus with red JST connector the other day? Let me find that vid.

*oh wait it’s a 220 and he’s running 0703 in this.


Yeah these 0703s look decent but I heard they burn up about as fast as brushed motors yet cost more. Also the “C ring” pops off and the shaft bends easy.

I was considering designing a frame for them, but the 1102 15000KVs looks so much more durable for only a gram more weight per motor. Seems worth it.