Hi-tec x4 balance charging?

Still charging my lipos with those crappy usb chargers… I’ve been learning about different methods to charge lipos, and trying to choose one charger.

Since i take maybe 10 or even 20 batteries for each session, i don’t know if something like the Hi-Tec (SkyRC) x4 will be the best option. But can it do balance charging, or that’s just not possible with this charger? Every channel can charge from 0.1 up to 1 amp, so… in my mind it sounds great having 4 240mah lipos in channel 1 (with same voltage, of course), two 500mah lipos in channel 2… Is it possible?

I’ll appreciate any suggestions about this or other chargers

The Hitec x4 does not do balance charging, it does not have a balance port (because there is nothing to balance when using a 1 cell battery). But I take it you mean parallel charging using a charging board? The x4 isn’t really made for that, but I suppose it might be possible (?) keep in mind though, with parallel charging all the cells voltage you connect have to be close to each other or bad things happen. The nice thing of the X4 charger is that it has 4 individual ports so you don’t have to worry about that. I personally charge all my Tinywhoop batteries (also about 20) with the x4 charger just 4 at a time. I charge at a higher C rating (like 2C, nothing crazy) when I am in a hurry. Haven’t thought about using a balance board on the Hitec.

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Ok, it seems like i didn’t learn enough yet… I thought balance and parallel charging were the same thing :sweat_smile:

I’ve been delaying purchasing a proper charger because so far i was able to charge batteries with no problem, and i’m able to charge up to 15 batteries at the same time. Always check voltages to make sure they are pretty close between them. I may tolerate a difference of 0.05 volts to put them in the same charger.

The hi-tec x4 looks great because of the independent channels. I guess that using something like the Imax B6 i can charge several batteries but they have to be the same battery and have a similar charge, so the hi-tec seems more versatile.

I’ll keep researching to see if i can clarify all the concepts. One last doubt… if it’s finally possible to parallel charge several batteries from one channel of the Hi-tec, what kind of wires/board do i need, what would be the connection to the charger?

Thanks so much for all the info

I think this video should help you out:

In theory(!), I think you could parallel charge up to 4 250mah batteries with the x4 charger (4*250mah=1 amp), provided you DIY the parallel charging wires to a connector that fits the x4. I have never seen anyone do that with the x4 though. Only with regular hobby grade lipo chargers. The biggest connectors on the x4 are the PW2.0 and the micro losi (aka walkera) plugs and I’m not sure they can handle 1 amp current. So I can’t recommend that.

If you are planning to upgrade to bigger quads batteries (2s/3s/4s) eventually it would be worth it to invest in a regular charger and learn about the different charging methods. If you want to charge 1s only, the x4 is awesome.

In any case, individual ports are also a lot easier and safer than parallel charging, which leaves basically 0 room for error!

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Thanks for the useful info. I love micro fpv, and eventually i’ll go for brushles and 2 or more cells batteries, but for now i’m comfortable in 1S brushed, so i think the charger would be a nice investment. Besides, something like the tiny whoop always has its place no matter how many brushless quads you have

I’ll explore to see if it’s safe to charge more than one battery in every channel, but even if i can only charge 1 battery per channel i think i’m going to order one