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Hey guys, remember me


…I posted here for a while, made some friends and learned a lot. A while back I ran into a few potholes in life and ran out of extra time and money to fly. I got really bummed out and quit playing with the one or two that still flew. The Hobby room got neglected until it turned into a wasteland of broken planes and quads.

I’m finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I cleaned the Hobby room and I’ve started looking to replace my 1s batteries and indoor quad and evaluate my outdoor quads for repair. I’ll be around more.

Here’s a link to video I put together before my world got turned inside out. It’s rather cheesy but I had fun making it. I had wanted to start a youtube channel. I still may. https://youtu.be/OO2IsDDPf4A

take care guys, see you in the air…


Welcome back @bicyclewrench. Nice to hear your airborne again.


@bicyclewrench Great to hear you’re getting back in the saddle, Jamie! I was wondering where the winds had taken you. It’s good to have you back! :smiley:

Speaking of potholes in life, the RC hobby can work in many ways. Sometimes, you have to abandon the fun stuff and focus exclusively on real life. Other times, it’s the escape into RC land that gives you the strength to keep going with everything else. Either way, we have to do what’s right in the moment for our own personal circumstances.

It’s quite obvious you had fun making that video. That’s what it’s all about! :grin: While I must confess that I skipped around, I did enjoy watching. Good reminder that we don’t need fancy $500 accessories to practice our indoor flying, and it’s the flying that matters! :stuck_out_tongue: