Help with settings on 95mm drone with 7x20mm motors

Hello, I’m new in the hobby and being reading the forum for the past month but now I made some steps in the hobby so I will need some help.
As many of you I decided to start with brushed drones so I bought all the cheap brushed available : e011, h8 mini and dm002 kit. All quads are good for beginner but the problem is this are mostly indoor drones and my space at home is very limited so I’m trying to learn outside but e011 and h8mini are not good flyers outside, so I used e011 FC on the dm002 frame (95mm). Very good combination in my opinion but after a while I decided to try acro so flashed the e011 board. E011 fc was flying very good in tiny whoop frame but it is unflyable on dm002 frame with 7x20mm motors. I tried both stock silverware for e011 and for bwhoop (it’s newest) and after that NFE fork. With this 95mm frame and 720 motor all the versions are unable to fly do to enormous oscillations. I even tried dozens of combination with different settings but I’m not familiar what most of them are doing so with no success. Can you help me some suggestions. I’m editing config.h only and I for start I need good setting to fly in level mode. Thanks in advance.

Hi Bladyle,

Oscillations are usually filter or pid related, I have very little tuning experience but as the boss7 is closer in configuration to a dm002 than a whoop I would suggest editing pid.c and commenting out the 3 lines relating to whoop pids and uncommenting the 3 lines related to the boss7 pids by NotFastEnuf. Also make the suggested changes to filtering in the comments. Let us know if that helps.

Sometimes board softmounting is the only solution. Try to put board on a frame with some double sided sponge tape and secure it with a rubberbands and check will it help. It will not be secured as when you use screws, but try to be sure is that a problem. If it is, I am not sure that any filtering will help if you don’t use softmounting.
I have several B03pro boards that are the same but still some have and some haven’t got oscillation problems - so, it is also up to hardware quality from board to board…


Silverware NFE doesnt require softmount and also when you go with open props and 720 you gotta change the pids and few other setting and if i was you i would build a BOSS 7 which will fly like a beast outside .

Sometime softmounting is neccesarry - depends on board and frame… I have few B03pro boards that won’t fly well without softmounting no matter what filters in silverware I use… and some others “the same” B03pro on the same frame with the same motors, props and settings works well without any softmounting… Electronic quality, I assume :slight_smile:

Success here. I’ve manage to make good flier without soft mounting and using a little modified BOSS settings (lowered the values). And it’s flying normal now. Not perfect but good for newbie like me :slight_smile: I’m out of props actually right now for more testing, but from my other quads (some e011 and one H8mini) this one is flying best for me. My last straggle is with correctly setting transmitter switches. I’m using flysky i6 with goebish multiprotocol module ( and I think there is some variance in channel mapping.