Help to modify old drone fc boards to kill the imu

Hello MM guys!! i’m following this forum since a while since i love whoops and micros in general, i’m designing a printable micro/tiny rc twin waterjet boat, it’s made mainly from old brushed drones parts, my plan is to use standard unflashable fc boards with a trace cut to the imu to kill it and use it as simple differential trus esc.
So far i managed to get a old drone fc with a invensense imu-6050 to just ignore gyro by cutting a trace to the 6050’s AD0 pin, the downside is that now it allows me to only go directly from 0 to 100% throttle, but it allows me to steer when rolling.
I have 2 questions for you:
.Do you have any experience about cutting imu’s traces to disable gyro/accell while maintaining the esc functionality? actually i’m wiring both front and read motor pads crossed to 2 motors to use all the escs, if that matters.
.as an alternative hardware option, is there any nfe/silverware fork that just kills the imu and can be used for differential propulsion? i have some whoop lite boards around,

i appreciate your help! Sapo.!


sorry i meant MPU-6050, by invensense

i somehow managed to get one board working cutting ad0!
It’s out on cults3d now.