Help: Taranis QX7 Stick Problem

So something weird has been happening with my flights. I recently noticed that after a couple flips and rolls my brushless quadcopter would start drift rolling to the left.

I initially thought it was the gyro going bad, but I just did a flight with stick overlay (from Taranis logging, not blackbox logging) and I noticed that my roll stick is off center after a couple flips. During this test, I took my thumbs off the roll stick for this part.

Here’s a video of this issue (starting at 2m14s for problem):

Why would this happen and how can I fix this? Is my controller breaking because this makes no sense to me.

Do it again and check what the QX7’s values page says your sticks are at while the quad is wanting to roll. That’ll narrow down which end the issue is on.

I’ll check that tomorrow. Thanks!

The QX7 values page says -1 most of the time and sometimes -2 or -3 on the aileron stick when the quadcopter wants to roll.

I’m pretty sure I can just increase the aileron deadband on betaflight, but is there any way that I can fix this issue correctly? I got my QX7 from getFPV so I thought it wouldn’t break so quickly (<200 hr flight time and no drops).

Did you try to recalibrate your transmitter


I’ll try that, but would calibration just fix the center point?

It seems like if I go from left aileron to center I get a constant -1 or -2 on center, but if I go from right aileron to center I get 0 on center. Do I have to open my QX7 and clean the pots maybe?

Sounds like the centering spring might need tightening if the stick can wobble, if the stick can’t wobble then that gimbal has some sort of issue.
That said, 3 points of dead band will do the trick too.

Start off by calibrating sticks though.


So I just got back from another flying session.

I calibrated the sticks between flights and the issue got worse (-10 drift) then better (-3 drift) then worse again (-7 drift). The sticks don’t have any wobble around center stick.

I guess now it’s about 7 points deadband though I really wish I could fix my gimble…

If you don’t have the hall effect gimbals they’re a nice upgrade, this might be a good excuse.

Sounds like the potentiometer on that stick isn’t well attached to the gimbal.


@Imozeb Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I’ve had the QX7 for about 3 months and now getting EXACTLY the same issues as you. Even drifting in the same direction…

I just used like 10 deadband in Betaflight. Not the most elegant solution, but it works till I upgrade to hall gimbals.

So you do think it is a physical issue that upgraded gimbals will fix? At least with mine, the stick is always dead centre, whether reading 0 or -7

Yeah. It’s the potentiometer that’s wearing out.

I’m decently sure of this because I have the habit to turn left over right and the gimbal is wearing out on the left side command. Haha!

Thanks for the feedback

Did u ever get to the bottom of this issue. I’m having this issue on 2 quads and now I’m noticing it on a simulator, velocidrone and I have the hall gimbals


My gimbals were breaking. I ended up having to replace them with hall gimbals.

I’m a bit surprised your hall gimbals are breaking though.

Maybe open up your Taranis and check that all the connections are tight?