Help! Syma X5 with Silverware E011 FC Misbehaving!


Hello Everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been lurking for some time but never found the need to create an account. Until now.
I have silverised a number of E011 FCs to use in 7mm whoops with great success (huge shoutout to NotFastEnuf, silverxxx and all others that helped develop this remarkable firmware), but when I tried to put another FC in a Syma X5 frame, it didn’t work out as well. I have begun PID tuning and messed about a bit with filters to eliminate the main oscillation, but quickly encountered an issue. Whenever I try to take off, the quad drifts uncontrollably to the right. I am in acro mode and this flight controller was taken from a working quad.
It can’t be a power issue, as enabling MOTORS_TO THROTTLE makes all the motors spin up synchronously, and I have ruled out COG and trim issues. I therefore deduce that it is most likely to be something in the firmware, though I don’t have the faintest idea what it could be. I would appreciate if someone could give me any pointers on where to look.
Here is the file I am using: LINK (nothing malicious, just shortened a Google Drive link with I have not changed anything from my usual E011 settings except filters and PIDs, iirc.
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Drift is an accelerometer issue - you’re flying in acro so that can’t be it. Is it flipping out of control to one side or just slowly rotating? If slowly rotating - how hAve you eliminated the possibility of trim?


+1 for.NotFastEnuf, i was thinking that you created a new model in the transmitter with different servo centers.or subtrim or.trims…


Thanks for the quick reply. At centre stick it flips as soon as I throttle up. However, I can counter the rotation by applying a large amount of left roll. I have tried trim a bit but to no avail. I might explore that a bit more. @mcRich I will try creating a new model to see if that helps.


Can i ask which radio you use?


Flysky FS-i6 with an iRangeX IRX6 module for the whoops.


Hey @FelineFlyer,

have u tried setting up new model?


Sorry, been kind of busy over the weekend but finally got a chance to work on it. Created a new model and it now doesn’t drift to one side. Now for some serious tuning! Thanks everyone!


Welcome :wink: