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Help me to fix E010S fried fc


Ok so i fried my e010s fc which is a micro f3, i find out which component fried but not sure what is this. I look in the forum and i think it’s an diode, if someone can comfirm.
Here is the board


Yup, that’s a diode. You need something in more or less that package/size that is rated for 7.5v and at least 0.3 amps, ideally 0.5 to 1 amps.

How did it fry? Reverse polarity? Short circuit? Random?


I just end up my flight into the toilet :grin: imediately disconnect the battery and i let it 1 day dry out, then when i connected the battery everything was fine i fly it once but the moment i put the camera on the top off the frame with double sided tape i get smoke frome the fc.
For the diode i already have a bunch of 1N4004 rated for 400V 1A did this diode can do the job ? Do i need shottky diode ?


Ha, that’s an issue.
Schottky would be better, but you can try it with what you have. There’s a real chance that something else has a dead short, and that’s what blew the diode up.
Worth a shot at fixing though!