Help! Et115 won’t arm motors!


I’m brand new to FPV and was having a great time trying to learn Acro then I went out to fly my 3 day old LDARC/King Kong ET115 but all of the sudden it won’t arm the motors.

It binds fine but when I pull both sticks down and out, it just makes one short beep and the motors won’t spin. This happened out of the blue and I don’t know the cause.

I went into Betaflight for the first time and followed instructions from several YouTube videos about solving the problem. I tried disabling the accelerometer and adjusting throttle settings but nothing worked. I was able to power up the motors through Betaflight.

Betaflight status report = CPU 9%, Cycle time 255, GYRO rate 3921, RX rate 110, System rate 10.

Does anyone have any ideas? I fear it is a bad flight control.

Thank you!