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Help, cam goes out wheb throttle up


People… Bad news. The cam is acting up again. When I put a cnsopy on it goes out and when I move it it also goes out. I need to touch the LEDs to make it work. I checked all caps closely everything is fine. What should I do? The cam is completely new and the FC is fine.


Something else has cracked solder.
I’ve been known to reflow receivers and FC+RX boards by taking a heat gun to them until the antenna falls off.
It’s a bit extreme, but I figure if it’s already dead the worst case scenario is it’s still dead and the room smells bad.


I don’t see any bad conenctione the camera just won’t work any more. I have to push the vtx does hard to get it to work…


Hmm… I just finished building my second 75mm build my goggles won’t connect it it, it has a BetaFPV 1200tvl


That sounds more like a goggle/channel issue to me.


Make sure the camera is on a frequency that your Rx in the goggles can receive. Do you get any kind of visual in the goggles? Is it snow, garbled video or a black screen?


It’s like white black blincking fast, and when I change channel on vtx it goes white than back to the snow… I have an old fpv monitor, it also didn’t work with the cams. my old naze32 that I’m not sure the cam works also doesn’t work with goggles, my two e010 builds though work sometimes, I’m using z01s on both the e010s.


I see on BetaFPV that the Vtx for that camera (if you bought the one they sell with camera on BetaFPV) needs to have two pads soldered together, VTX and CAM otherwise they say you will get a black screen in the goggles. If you’ve done that then be sure the VTX is transmitting a band that the goggles can receive.


I use the pins in the camera, do I still need to solder them together? And what about the 1200tvl? And yes I am on correct channel.


Hmm yeah did that and the range is completely crap and it looks like this


I am not sure about the Vtx you are using but that 1200 TVL cam has a Vtx they sell for it, not sure if it is specifically designed to work only with that Vtx only but it states those pads must be bridged for the Vtx they sell with that camera. The Z02 or z01 Vtx looks to be different to me and this could possibly be the issue.


Yeah, I’m using stock vtx in 1200tvl, When I Unbridged the pads on the z02 the video went black then white and black snow.


I played around video looks like this now


So, OSD but no video feed? This has become quite the ordeal for you. The hard part of this is trying to diagnose/troubleshoot second hand. The Vtx is obviously transmitting or you wouldn’t see the OSD. I am not sure why you can get the OSD and not the video unless there is an issue with the camera. But, we are talking a brand new camera here so it shouldn’t be that. Has this been the same Vtx since the beginning of the troubles with the Z01 camera? If so, the fact that you have had issues with 3 cameras is pointing to the Vtx having some sort of issue.


Yes the vtx is the same. I’ve had issues with BetaFPV Z cameras since 2016, but my old beta h01 cam has never had any problems. Maybe my WiFi is messing with the Z series vtx. I have high speed WiFi.


WiFi can interfere with your signal if it’s using 5.8ghtz. You can try switching the Vtx through different bands and see if that helps the signal any. From that pic that you posted it looked like you had no video signal though except for the OSD?


Oh… I just noticed that the issue was there. Yeah that’s wierd


One good thing, when I turned off 5ghz WiFi z02 came back to life somehow. Bad news the video feed turned red on the 1200tvl after I turned it off.