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Hello goal post, my old friend


I had my first ever outdoor FPV session.
It was an exhilarating blast! I was flying near an empty soccer field and wanted to go through the goal (no net). I was piloting from about 40 meters away.
I came in pretty fast lined up to the top post. I dropped the throttle slightly as I watched the post come closer and closer, only the quad didn’t drop with me. Lost binding, shit, TING!
The sound of metal against metal.

Barely any damage:

The toll:

  • Clean split on the motor mount: should I even try glueing it?
  • Bent prop
  • Cam detached (struck the top of the focus ring, lens saved)

General FPV lessons learned:

  • Do not fly anywhere near grass without a buzzer on the micro.
  • Don’t rely on your impeccable orientation, you’ve never been a bird.
  • Test your failsafe, before you fly (derp).
  • Unmodded Devo 7E range is shit.
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Can’t see the pic as on mobile but a few thoughs

Muscle memory is key. Practice until Arnold Schwarzenegger like.

Buzzers are hard in micros - there’s a thread on here

Failsafe on a micro should be drop imo

The 7e probably wasn’t at fault rather the rx

Of course you should try and fix it! :wink: Get back on that horse! :smiley:

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Thanks for the input @DevianDave!
I actually got the buzzer working from that thread. It’s only 1g, Silly me I just didn’t have it attached, didn’t think I would need it, luckily I found the quad each time, but my heart was pounding as I realized I had no idea where I “landed”.
I thought I had drop configured, I guess not, need to bench test it to make sure.
What makes you say it was the RX? The tiny antenna on the scisky?
I have some spare motor mounts, so a fix isn’t necessary. I will swap in a new one and glue the broken one to keep around as a spare.



These things take a surprising amount of punishment if you hit something head on. Some fishing line will prevent your camera from flying off in a crash next time.