Have anyone used this FC

I was just wondering if anyone used this one yet… And is it any good

That design has few different clones, the Banggood version dies immediately on 4s. Like plug it in and it’s done.
3s and 2s it’s a totally decent FC.
Furibee has a version that may actually do 4s, haven’t tried though.

If you’re after a 2s/3s build have at, if you’re going 4s look elsewhere.

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Thx… It’s for 3s
These the part i already got for it…
Rcx H1304 5000kv
Hakrc 15A 4in1
Makerfire 112mm frame
Gemfans 3025

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So update to this FC… Been using it for like a lil over a month… Only on 3s… So tonight I was like screw it ( since I got some back ups ) plug in a 4s pack… No smoke… Haven’t flew it on 4s yet… Bc at the time of testing I was repairing it from a crash… Just thought I should mention… Thought about this thread… Lets see how long its gonna last