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Has anyone tried the BetaFPV 230mAh 1s lipos?


Has anyone tried the BetaFPV 230mAh 1s lipos?

My first set were Crazepony 230mAh lipos, and I liked them, but BetaFPV lipos are dirt cheap. (Hopefully, not dirt quality also haha) :joy:

I was also thinking of switching to 205mAh lipos, but would that kill my flight time (2:50 full ripping and landing at 3.7 to 3.75 V). Not sure if the weight savings make up for the capacity loss.


No. Could I suggest Tattu 220mah battery


Not yet, but have a set in spare already. I’m still going on my Crazeponys 230HV :wink: Like them too.
Don’t know if i worked them too hard in the beginning, but even being puffed a little, they still do a tough job.
(3:30 avg with ‘faster’ BetaFPVs an 3-blades).
But i have changed to a 4-ch 1S charger 2 weeks ago. No more usb-cheapos…


They are ok. So are the 260 and 550 for the right job, price is decent.

The ir is generally high in my experience. I wonder if the connectors are shit?

Got nothing on mylipo.

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Nah, not sooo bad :rofl::joy: (1st use)

Should finally get my a** up and set up ir-testing circuit…


I do like Tattu, but those Pico Molex connectors wear out fast.

Try them and give me your opinion? :wink:

Wow 3:30 is long! Do you charge them up to 4.3V HV? I only go up to 4.2V and mine are still going strong after I replaced the Pico Molex with JST PH. The reason I have to buy more is because I did a crappy job with the strain relief and broke two electrical connectors… :flushed:

Same with the charger. I wired up my own 1S parallel charging board, like @chrisdo showed in an earlier post.

That’s cool. Have you flown them a lot?


Not really, I only got them a few weeks ago. Time will tell how they really are.

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Will do a (sort of) comparison tonight. Mistreated Crazeponys vs. fresh BetaFPVs

Sure, rough guess is you miss capacity about 20% - to me it feels like.

Parallel is good (IMHO), but my lipo charger does 4.2 only. So i got a 4-ch 1S only 4.2 and 4.35 charger now. Before i used a 4-ch 4.2/4.35 battery-puff-maker USB thingi.
I’m so much into whooping i think 35 bucks is a high price but worth it in the end. (continuously adjustable current!)

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Cool! Let me know how it goes. I’ve been pretty happy with my Crazepony 230maH lipos, but I need a couple new ones. May get a couple BetaFPV 230mah tonight if you say they perform decently well.


So i hope…


Soooo… the new BetaFPV battery looks good at the start but loses power continuously while the old, beaten CrazePony seems to have taken some hits, but still is indestructable.

Seems like Joels statement about ‘internal resistance’ hits the bullseye. The new BetaFPV already shows a weakness in steadily delivering power. So, how will the BetaFPVs perform after 40 cycles?

Somehow i can’t get rid of the idea should have stayed with the CrazePonys…

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@mcRich yeehaw lol! Love it.

Does Total Arm mean you managed to fly the BetaFPV lipos each for 5 minutes? Did you stop at 3.7V resting or till low voltage cutoff for the test?

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Total arm is taken from Betaflight OSD.
I think i had 1 crash more with the BetaFPV, flipped upside down on the floor and i didn’t disarm while i went and reset it.
I stop flying, when ‘battery low’ warning comes up trigged at 3.0 volts. BetaFPV battery now (at this very moment) shows 3.70, Crazepony says 3.81 volts.
Er, no, not each BetaFPV. That was one competitor of each brand. You’d have to compare both brands with new batteries anyway.
But those 5 mins of flight time are only due to the fact that the BetaFPV lost punch pretty soon, so less mAh was drawn and thus flight time extended. That last minute was not ‘rippin’, it was cruisin’ in eco-mode.


Thanks for the info! I really appreciate the comparison. I’ll probably just get another pack or two of Crazepony lipos.

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Welcome :wink:
Yes, i think i’ll go for the CrazePonys next time.

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I don’t think there is any difference between the BetaFPV and Crazepony 230mAh batteries. About 3 weeks ago, I purchased 8ea of the BetaFPV and Crazepony 230mAh batteries, and in my Beta65 and Beta65s, they perform almost identical from the beginning of the charge to the end. I suspect that they are the exact same battery with different branding. I get on average, 3:15-3:30 out of either brand on my 65 and a bit over 3 minutes on my 65s. I fly until the OSD voltage is 3.1V then land as soon as I can get it back to me. We’ll see how long they live at that discharge level but they are cheap so who cares :wink:

I did a little 230mAh battery smackdown about a week ago and as usual, every battery is a little different which is expected with such a low cost and (probably poorly) Q/Aed product.

I picked 3 batteries from each brand at random and charged them to 4.35V@.3A using a AOKoda HV 6-port charger. Then I discharged them with a iCharger 206b at a 4A discharge rate until a 3.0V cutoff was reached.

Here is the data:

On average, they all delivered about 245mAh with similar IR except for one. Oddly enough, it was the heaviest battery of the bunch but still performed about the same.

I really don’t think you can go wrong with either battery so I’d say pick the one that is cheapest on Amazon the day you purchase since Amazon changes prices as often as the stock market fluctuates!


I am only saying I like them less than a mylipo but they work fine, the beta’s that is, never laid a hand on the ponies…


Ahh. Now I’m conflicted lol


Yes, sometimes it’s not too much of an aid discussing things in public.


So what’s the best plug for it should be?


Same jst-ph 2.0mm but just better quality ones perhaps, I’ve not swapped them out to test my hunch yet so I can’t say this is actually the case.