Has anyone bought a RunCam Micro Swift 2 from Banggood?

I’m debating buying my RunCam Micro Swift 2 from Amazon, RunCam, or Banggood. Banggood has awesome end of year sales, so I can probably save about $5 on an already expensive FPV cam.

Has anyone bought a RunCam Micro Swift 2 from Banggood? Is it a knockoff or genuine from RunCam? I’m mostly worried that the image quality will be cheap or it will break quickly if it’s a knockoff.

I bought mine on Banggood. I think its genuine Runcam and i have never heard of knockoffs at Banggood.
Just clones, but thats a different story.

Yeah. I meant clone. Well I’m glad to hear that it seems genuine.

I would check out the Runcam sparrow. Lighter and 16:9 ratio.

I was talking about the RunCam Micro Swift 2 not the RunCam Swift. Lol.

The Micro Swift has a CCD sensor, is less than 5 g and by the YouTube videos has considerably better sharpness than the Foxeer Micro. At least that’s what I got from YouTube. Don’t know if you guys have other opinions. :grin:

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Yeah me too, sparrow is smaller. :upside_down_face:

Ohhhh you meant Micro Sparrow, not Sparrow lol. I was so confused :joy:

Do you know if the image quality is as good as the micro Swift? I’m trying to step up from the TX02 Cam so I can see ghost branches better.

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I would wait a little - given that there are some other vendors currently releasing models with the same CCD and also other possibly better sensors.
Especially Caddx seems to have 3 different models in the “Micro Swift” size:


Sony CMOS:

Yeah, i just took the name from the top of my head and didnt remeber the micro… lol :slight_smile:

From what ive seen so far the micro sparrow is supposed to be even better that the micro swift 2. I havent read so much more then reviews on Banggood though, so i wouldt take my word for it.
For me using the Eachine Goggle Two, i can get the 16:9 ratio to my Full HD screen, thats why im getting it. And also the weight and size reduction is pretty for micro quads.

Yeah. I think the micro swift 2 may be able to change aspect ratio in the OSD. Not sure though.

I took a look at the test video of the Caddx CCD and it seems worse than the RunCam in the face of bright lights. I didn’t realize that other companies are going the fought of CCD micro cams also.

It’s getting to cold in the US for outdoor flying now… maybe I should wait a while for either the end of year sales or the Micro Swift 3!

Micro swift 2 is 4:3. Not possible to change that with software afaik.
As most people use 4:3 goggles and dont need/want the 16:9 anyway.

I also noticed the runcam nano came out recently. That might save a few precious grams of weight.

Yeah, but the image quality drops quite a bit from a CCD to a CMOS sensor.

Im waiting of two of those, they are on the slow boat from China, should be here for Christmas. Hopefully its as good as some people say.
Can get back to you guys with some first impressions once i get them.

Yeah that would be great! I’m waiting till end of year sales to buy my camera anyway especially because it’s getting cold here now.

Same. Hold strong, brother…

Lol and then spend a hundred bucks on quad stuff during the end of year sale! But at least it will be a hundred bucks for two hundred bucks worth of stuff! Haha

Haha, yes! Well spent money :grin:

@MidnightQuads hey I noticed the cake next to your name! Happy cake day! :cake:

Thank you!