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Happy cake day NFE!


I’d like to take a moment to wish @NotFastEnuf a happy cake day! Considering all that he has done for the community, I think this deserves to be a separate topic. In fact I put this topic in the Core Components category as that is what he is! A Core Component of the micromotorwarehouse community! :wink:

Thank you @NotFastEnuf! Thank you for NFE Silverware, thank you for the zer0, thank you for the boss frames, thank you for the canopies!
Thank you for answering a thousand questions!
Thank you for all the souls you brought to the dark side!
Thank you for all your hard work! :pray:

All hail NFE! :smiley:


Hear, Hear!

:musical_note:For he’s a jolly good fellow :musical_note:
:musical_note:For he’s a jolly good fellow :musical_note:
:musical_note:For he’s a jolly good fellow :musical_note:
:musical_note:Which nobody can deny! :musical_note:


You guys… ha! Seriously you’re making me blush. While you than me, I’d like to thank this community. It’s funny what the cake day really is for me … it marks a moment in history when I first attempted micros - essentially failed trying to do it on my own - and reached out for help myself. …and that help I received changed my micro experience and inspired me to share my projects and help others. It was a pivotal moment. I love our willingness and ability to pull together, to help those in need, to celebrate victories and mourn defeats. We create friendships across world, and easily set aside differences in seeking a common goal of aerial rippage. Such a simple thing has the power to change the world.


I remember the newcomer NFE well, may you have many cake days


Happy Birthday NFE!!! This hobby wouldn’t be the same without your contributions. All the best to you!


Well said, @JBFPV ! :smiley:

@NotFastEnuf Pivotal moments like that make life exciting and worth living 10x over! :smile:

Cheers to setting aside differences to advance our common goal of aerial rippage!!! :tada: :clinking_glasses: :call_me_hand:

Let’s keep spreading the micro quad love! :heart::pray::unicorn:


Happy Birthday Nfe!!


^^ This is the essence of the spirit in this community!

Come and taste a piece of the cake we made.
Then make a cake yourself, and bring it to the party.

Happy cake day my friend - your cakes are great.
It was inspiring to watch you rise from newbie to thought leader!


Happy birthday Travis and good to see your project is getting the more mainstream attention that it deserves.


Happy birthday NFE! Your contributions have helped me many times! You are a great part of this community.


I hope your day is full of wonderful people and awesome memories bro.
Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do.


Happpy Cake Day NFE! I fly my Zer0 everyday!


Happy Birthday @NotFastEnuf ! ive learned so much from you ! Any questions never bothered you ! Always answering with a good sense of humor with some mad engineer scientist answer and description ! You are the CORE of this community .

Because of you i discovered a new hobby and learned new things and again im still learning new stuff every single day .

This hobby help me to fight my stress and anxiety and i gotta mention @JBFPV too because id have never improved my skill with those tiny brushed silverized awesomeness . He influenced me so much and still does !

Happy Cake my friend NFE !


Happy belated day of Birth to you @NotFastEnuf .Thank you for making this new fun, more fun. I have to commend you for having such patience, having the time to answer most if not all questions while being a family man and for being so comprehensive with your work. :partying_face: to many more!


Happy late cakeday @NotFastEnuf I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work that you do. The help you gave me getting both the build target for the Zero setup and working through all the firmware flashing issues was simply amazing! With your help the hacker space event was a fantastic success! We were able to get over 200 kids plugged into their first FPV experience all using whooverware! Your patience and love for the hobby really shows through in everything you do for the community,

best wishes and congrats on year in the hobby!


You guys are all so kind and it’s all your amazing friendships, goals, and unique perspectives that inspire me and push me forward. This is a two way street - trust me on that! I continue to benefit more from our community than I could ever give back.

Just to clarify too for anyone new to mmw reading, the cake day event is my Micro Motor Birthday. It marks the day I joined the micro motor community - which is no doubt a birthday in its own right and it’s fun to celebrate it as one. On this day my public life began within our micro community. It’s a hugely pivotal moment for so many of us - the first time you put your hand up and say “here I am … and I could use some help!” I was welcomed with open arms, given the answers to my questions, and encouraged and celebrated by new friends as I found success. Every cake day is truly an anniversary for all of us to celebrate. It means someone stuck around for a whole year or another year in an extremely challenging environment - that we continued to “get it right” as a group - treating each other with kindness and respect, helping out where we could, not giving up, and encouraging newcomers to stick with it!


LOL! I was wondering whether anybody would notice and/or point out that we weren’t talking about your actual birthday, but your MMW anniversary. :wink:

As far as I’m concerned, MMW Cake Day is much more noteworthy than the anniversary of my (or anybody else’s, except our kids’) arrival on Mother Earth. :stuck_out_tongue: