HALP! RX always in bind mode!


I got a BETAFPV 65s and it comes with this RX:

Problem is, everytime I plug in a battery, it goes into bind mode. I can bind on my DEVO 10 or my DXe, but each time I pull out the battery and do a new one, it goes into bind mode again. Anyone with experience with this RX?

I’ve gone into CLI and it’s set to 0, and


That’s a drag man … no information out there on this at all either. Is the rx set to spek serial or ppm in betaflight? If that fc is accepting a serial signal then I could recommend an alternative tiny rx you could use that’s just as light and pretty kick a$$ reliable.


Ok so it’s .1 heavier - full disclosure

But I have a few and they work great on 11ms dsmx 2048 (the faster setting) … and highspeed in your devo dsmx protocol menu set to on. In fact, they are on sale so I just put 2 more in my cart.


this one is 2048 too, and pretty nice…other than the binding thing.

I was thinking LemonRX, but I think that’s too heavy…


Wow…I just found this…what the hell?



That’s pretty bad, but nice to at least have them post bad directions I guess.


Ha! What a disappointing mess.


Having to remove a resistor and add a trace seems like a crappy work-around. Wow BG! Sometimes waiting on new products can pay off


Hey, I was just wondering if that resistor removal and re routing thing works? Does the little receiver remember what it was bound to until battery is connected again? So you can bind it, power it down, then modify it and your good?

I just dusted off the box from late August and got mine in the air today :joy: I got a laptop computer over the holidays, and the betafpv 65s is the first quad I’ve hooked to a computer. I bought it because I thought BNF meant I could bind to my dsmx Tx (Dx6e) and fly like all of horizon hobby’s stuff, then I forgot about it for a while… @CRayTech’s and @PJC’s videos really got me through my first betaflight experience! Then, I found Qreacher’s PIDs and applied them to get me absolutely rippin around my apartment, before starting to get annoyed with binding before every pack.

Is the receiver worth the fix? It’s got to be about obsolete by now, throw it in the old and heavy pile? That extra .9g from the receiver will be in the back of my mind every time I fly it :dizzy_face:


I threw it in the “tester pile” and bought a new one…or the BeeCore v2, it’s solid and $27.