H8 Mini bad news: board changed


wow. now I need to get more h8 boards! hahahahah.


Yeah, coming soon in Deviation nightly & nrf24-multipro :wink:


Oh my. can’t wait for my e010 to come in.




Let know when you have some DVR footage :wink: Can’t wait for mine :smiley:


This is all I’ve uploaded so far.


A little long range FPV test flight with a green Eachine H8 board. Using FX758-2 VTx with whip antenna.


Great range and flight @jayodas very impressive my new Facebook friend :slight_smile: ( Peter Newman )


Thanks Peter! I’m beginning to explore more places to fly my micro quads FPV. This park had a nice bridge that I couldn’t resist flying under quite a few times.


Great work @goebish

So I assume that this, once actually implemented into a nightly release will just require the NRF24L01 module?



anybody knows what type of Capacitor this is.?

I have lost one and now i´m unable to bind the board to my Devo7e.
Would be great if anybody can help me out to find a source where i can order a spare capacitor to fix the board.


That’s a crystal oscillator, it generates the clock that the controller uses to run. You’ll need to find a new one of the exact same value and solder it on. I’ll see if I can get the value for you.


Thx for the right designation.
Would be very grateful for your help to find the right value!


I use hot glue on this so it won’t come off in a crash. :wink:


Best guess, 13Mhz. Give that a shot and see what happens. Unfortunate the act of measuring the crystal changes the load on it and the frequency it puts out, but it was still able to talk to my 7e while running at that estimated 13mhz (could be 14) so that is at least close.
Add in that I’m doing this on an old analog oscilloscope and I give it a +/- of 10%.

EDIT: I hot glue mine too.


Big thx !

Now i have a proper direction and can search for a source to buy.

I use hot glue in the future :wink:


Please let us know how it works out!


From memory it’s a 16000 I harvested a few from old toy txs ones with the NRF24L01 module have them. Solder replacement on the underside if building a SilverWhoop.


Yes it is 16000, works perfectly !
Big thanks for your help.


@Chaotix knows his resonators :grin: