H8 Mini bad news: board changed


Black one is not my favorite. So much harder to see the LEDs.


Although I rarely fly them intact so it doesn’t matter in my case.


Thanks @Chaotix I might buy some more boards if I will be successful in flashing this.


I did a quick mod to my black H8 that made a huge difference with the leds… I hot glued some clear tubing to the hole where the LED is mounted and it works awesome. I’ll post a picture tonight.


some images?


I took the pictures, guess I forgot to post. Here are a few.


I am loving your LED light tubes @bubbak

Excellent :slight_smile:


Thanks… I took a pic in the dark also, but it didn’t come out great. It is definitely bright enough to fly at night and see what you are doing…


hi guys I need help, I got this error when flashing and erasing. I got the blue board, I already exchanged clk and dat pads. anybody have any idea why? tried it like 50 times already :frowning:


@ahlod my advice is to aske on silverxxx’s thread here really helpful guys and there is also the Wiki here


thanks @pedro147 I successfully flashed it. I was using the green one not blue. but then I burned the board after changing the busted motors today hahaha. need to order more boards


@ahlod Glad you flashed it OK but sorry for your loss :slight_smile:

Lucky they are cheap hey


In case anyone needs inspiration, here’s my silver whoop, rockin a blue board.


Nice @Chaotix Is that a standard sized Tiny Whoop there?


@Chaotix that is a neat fit!, and a good use of your board.


Yes @pedro147 it’s a genuine inductrix frame, the latest clone from eachine uses the same frame and bg has them for about $3, this cost me about 5.
It fits almost perfectly @JG101, this one is cobbled together as a proof of concept, a neater job could be done.
22g with cam but without battery.


Great work @Chaotix I have blue and green boards and already have one of those Eachine E010 quads coming.

Is that the right one for this project ?


@Chaotix Dude now I’m jealous lol. I have the TW frame and props but now I fried my board hahaha. How did you change front side of the quad? where’s the front?


That’s the one, I should have mine from bg in a few days. I hear it’s been deviated already btw! @goebish did it without even having one in hand.


I turned the board 45 degrees cw then defined board orientation 45 degrees ccw in hardware.h line 258, you have to keep the 180 degree rotation in line 261 as well or bad things happen! The corner with the antenna is the front, motors are wired as for a normal h8 board and I put the LEDs on a switch as they not make no sense now. I’m going to experiment with that so I can have a single led facing front and one at the back. Use the latest code versions and all the goodies are there.