H8 Mini bad news: board changed


The H8 Mini with Silverxxx firmware works with Hubsan 107C/D motors and with the MMW Dark Edition motors. With the Dark Edition motors the board gets warm. Lets see how long it takes to brake it…:blush:

Dark Edition H8 Mini:

Hubsan H8 Mini:

Need much more practice for acro…
Ordered some more blue boards.


Nice hot rodded H8 there @BobMarley

Those DE motors make it hum :smiley:


Looking good @BobMarley

Are you guys aware that the board from the Flureon H101 has had the silverware treatment too?
As it’s inverted capable it’s got twice as many fets and has the possibility to run a hex or an octo build as well as quad. I’m going to build a hex next as an experiment, the 2 quads on this board fly brilliantly so I’ve high hopes for greater things! All for around £6 a board.


I have one H101 with silverxxx FW and ordered a second one. The sound of the motors after the treatment is interesting. It has a high pitch component in it.

I cannot say much more, I have tried different PIDs but mainly focusing now on different options in the code. He is not keen on documenting, only documentation is that one thread. Wiki page mainly focuses on flashing part.


The high pitched motor noise can be changed in config.h the motor pwm section, scroll down about 2/3 of the page. Try a higher one, each has a different pitch.
The wiki is very new and still getting organised, the code is actually fairly well commented by silverxxx, at least compared to some I’ve seen.


Yes I noticed those pwm definitions, only lacking information which is best for H101. For some reason the default value was selected and I have not read the whole thread. It just have too many pages :slight_smile:

His code is clear and well commented, it just that it assumes all features are known. Maybe it is just that I do not know enough.

These channel definitions do not open to me directly from the code:

// level / acro mode switch
// CH_AUX1 = gestures
// 0 - flip
// 1 - expert
// 2 - headfree
// 3 - headingreturn
// 4 - AUX1 ( gestures <>v)
// 5 - AUX2+ ( none )
// 6 - Pitch trims
// 7 - Roll trims
// 8 - Throttle trims
// 9 - Yaw trims
// 10 - on always
// 11 - off always

In above I though CH_HEADREE means bayang CH9. But the range from 0 to 11 is not clear for me.


The channel selection is pretty far from intuitive.

There has to be a better way to assign them.


I’ll try to help in a couple of hours, tricky on my phone.


I assume you are using the stock tx?
The default settings are designed to work with any of the compatible txs, H8, X9 and H101 so aux1 is selection via stick gestures.
If you #define LEVELMODE CH_HEADFREE then pressing the headless mode button on the tx should toggle it between level and acro, HEADFREE is channel 9 on a Devo and in Bangyang protocol as far as I know.
I never use any of the standard toy txs as I have the luxury of a fully modded Devo7e.
There is a way to set up trim buttons as switches too.
Here is a link to a wiki page about stock tx settings, it may help.


I believe the documentation should get better as we all contribute more to it.

Edit: I don’t seem to be able to post links, guess I’m too new here :no_mouth:


I have quite modified devo7e too.

So it needs to be a momentary button? I have CH9 assigned to 3-way switch. I think it never worked with stock fw either. If it is so, then I’ll switch it to EXIT button. ´

But first I’ll need to make this fly in overall. Two motors almost dead but not fully. Replaced those and now two other behaving the same way. Even with pure acro FW behaves the same and motors are hot. Maybe I’ll need to replace the rest.


Ok on Devo7e I use the Hold switch, just a 2 position is fine, in the mixer page channel 9 is set to simple with src HOLD0, curve 1to 1, scale 100, offset 0.
This gives me acro with the switch down and level with it up.
In config.h you need to #define LEVELMODE 2

Give that a go and let me know if it works.

Hot motors on this quad are sometimes down to the props being pushed down too firmly, try easing them up very slightly so they all spin really freely.


BTW: Ian444 on rcgroups took a suggestion from me, and incorporated it into his 92mm H8 mini frame for 7mm motors. I have some ordered and if fhey check out, he’ll list them in his store on Armattan productions. They should be really cheap and super light, solid CF.


I got two of Ian’s CF 7mm frames from Armattan.

Great value and real featherweights


Cool. The new ones will be the same + cleats for rubber bands to hold the battery on. And the holes for the motors will be a hair tighter.


Syma X5C with H8 mini FC

I gonna take the brain out again and put it on a small frame.
Syma motors have not enough power. Cant flip that thing because it is to light weight.
Just for some infotainment…


Interesting but it does look underpowered. I’ve a syma X11 shell somewhere that I thought about fitting cheapo brushless motors to and putting a silverwared brain in, yet another project though :grinning:

Do we have a thread with a better title to chat about the silverware fcs?
Should I start one? I’ve had a scisky fc sitting waiting to be built something to fly in for weeks now but I keep getting distracted with this great line of cheap boards!


Hello. I’m new here. How do u binding new H8 Boards (green or blue) to old h8 stock radio transmitter? or u r using some different transmiter?


I use a modified Devo 7 or 10 (with NRF24L01 module)

But binding should work the same, regardless…

Plug quad battery in
Turn TX on
Binding is automatic.


I just ordered the black H8 mini without reading this thread :frowning: Is the board of the black H8 green or blue?


It’s more than likely going to be a blue board, it doesn’t really matter now as both flash easily and flight characteristics are pretty much identical once flashed. Only thing to remember is the CLK and DAT pads are labelled wrongly on the board. See my post above http://community.micro-motor-warehouse.com/t/h8-mini-bad-news-board-changed/1349/53?u=chaotix
There are a few unique details with flashing the blue boards but just ask and any problems can be solved :smiley: