H8 Mini bad news: board changed


I saw that :slight_smile:

Now i have two brand new green and three blue to play with


Hi Pedro! have you allready flashed one of the blue boards? Silverxxx has uploaded an “alpha” version for the blue boards. But i cant get it flashed… Everytime i want to erase i get a ST-LINK connection error. Loaded all the drivers and stuff but i actually gave up on this.
If you did manage to flash it, pls can you post some tutorial on that.


Hi Frank, I have not flashed one of my blue boards yet but if I get a chance I will maybe try over the week or so and see how it goes. Have you seen the Wiki that the guys are putting together. There is a link to a guide that I did on doing the green board but I am not sure if this blue board is much different to do but I would not think so.

Here are some FAQ’s from the Wiki that may help


Have done all of the steps but still got the ST-LINK communication error.
Need to go for a machine of some friend and try it there. But thanks anyway!


Your three data connection leads are not too long are they as this can create a problem


@pedro147 I have one green board that I have flashed with Silverxxx’s firmware. I’m just wondering why so many of you speak so highly of this firmware on the H8 board. Bear in mind, I’m still learning to fly acro, so I’m looking to be enlightened here. Have you changed any PID settings in the acro firmware at all or flying it stock? Thanks!


I suppose because where else can you get an around $20 quad or FC that allows for fully adjustable PID’s :slight_smile:
As far as I am concerned it’s a no brainer.

This FC can be put into virtually any frame you like and as long as you can set up the PID’s for it and build any other custom circuitry required (typically power distribution for brushless builds), you are good to go. Ian444 on RCG has even done several successful brushless builds using the H8 FC.

I bought the H8 to learn acro too but I have been busy doing other projects so my progress has halted
I believe that for a stock frame the stock PID’s in the firmware are pretty optimal from all accounts and from the videos I have seen of people doing flips etc I have no reason to doubt this to be true.

Good luck in your quest to flip :slight_smile:


This seems to be short enough…

Still the St-Link Connection error :cry::sob:


Yes it does. I would ask on the RCG thread as that is where all the H8 brainpower is :smiley:


Hi, @BobMarley that pic looks really nice, i’m thinking to build something similar, by now my h8 is modified for fpv.
What frame and props are you using?
This is mine:
I have everything stock but added ts5813 vtx,600tvl cam and 5v step-up.


Nice setup @JonathanCod



Love that one!

Props are from JJ1000.


Hi all, I thought I’d make my first post a reply here with good news!
Earlier today a user on RCG called kmtam found that the data and clock pads on the blue H8 board are labelled wrongly during manufacture. This means that to get the board erased and flashed you must connect SWDIO to CLK, GND to GND and SWCLK to DAT. All tested on 3 boards here and working well.

For anyone wondering whether to try this firmware out I can highly recommend it. Though tuning has to be done by altering bits of code and reflashing instead of in gui it’s a really cheap way to get a pile of fcs to experiment and the code is easy to read and alter.

Love this site, so glad I joined up and I hope to be able to contribute along the way.


Thanks @Chaotix I follow that thread but the notifications are woeful I saw that the guys were having troubles flashing the blue boards and seeing as I have three of them this is good news :slight_smile:

EDIT - Actually I just caught up on that thread and while I am glad that you were successful in flashing your blue board, it seems that there are still some issues. Ian444 who is one of the most experienced users of this firmware is still having issues with this but like he says, it is definitely a step in the right direction


@pedro147, I now have 4 blue boards successfully flashed with no further problems since this discovery so at present I’d advise going ahead and having fun with them. Obviously this is still technically beta firmware and may not get as much attention as the original green board or the H101 board do but I think silverxxx’s enthusiasm to develop it further will have been rekindled after today :wink:


What is the thing with the large coil? LC filter? Custom made? I’m currently looking for very small LC filters.


Can you please tell me how you flashed them? I managed to erase the firmware but then cant write the new one to the board. Also the led dont work anymore…

EDIT: Got it working right now! That was hell of trial and error. After updating the ST-LINK again and again with the same firmware…:rolling_eyes: it finally worked after i repluged the battery. Going to test that thing now. :grin:


Yeah, after the erase the board needs reset so battery has to be unplugged then reconnected. Glad you got it working now go have a blast!


Works really good in a jj1000 frame! Hope i will get another board inside a parrot rs frame working with 8.5mm motors.
Back to acro practice now.:smile:


It’s a 5v step-up + LC filter, and works great, got it from http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Small-and-light-DC-DC-0-8-5V-to-DC-5V-Step-UP-Boost-Voltage/32254368797.html
And soldered some micromotor female plugs so i can remove the fpv system easily.