H8 Mini bad news: board changed


I received two H8 minis today (full quad, not just FC). Both have green fc inside. I ordered those 29th of February from Banggood .


I pushed my luck and ordered another three from BG on 12 March

Keeping my fingers crossed :smiley:


I want to order some of them too and asked bg if green or blue boards will be shiped…


@BobMarley I asked BG the same thing a while ago and they said words to the effect of - Sorry you have a problem please send a video :smiley: WTF

silverxxx has now done the firmware hack for the Eachine CG023 FC’s Acro only at this stage but dual FW to follow

What a guy :smiley:


Well after waiting since 12 March for my Banggood order to arrive, massive disappointment as I opened the envelope to find three blue boards staring out at me.

Time to battle BG and PayPal if they give me the runaround, seeing as the product image clearly shows green boards and still does on their website. Wish me luck - Anybody want a cheap blue board :slight_smile:


Got a green one yesterday from Banggood USA warehouse. The envelope said from “Flyght”.


As of Monday Amazon was still shipping green ones.


Thanks @fastfred529 and @Denovich should I tempt fate? :slight_smile:

These boards with that firmware are incredible


I checked amazon and they want $20-30 for a board. One might as well buy a scisky from banggood for those prices.


The whole quad is $17. I talked 3 people into buying them (the white H8 mini) this week. They were all green.


Scisky board is on sale at Banggood for $30.99 with free shipping. Ordered one 4 hours ago.


Yeah. I ordered another one a couple a days ago too. :slight_smile:


My order arrived today… :disappointed:

Allready contacted bg on that…


Hi @BobMarley I had the same experience with BG. They show green FC on their site and send you blue ones which sliverxxx will hopefully work out how to flash the firmware too shortly.

I got my money back from them OK but be careful of mentioning anything about refunds on the RCG thread or you will be accused of unscrupulous behaviour by one particular poster there. Just a friendly warning as it is not nice to have your morals questioned when the retailer is the one at fault :smiley: Good luck, if you paid with Paypal you should have no problem getting a full refund


If you get a full refund how much does it cost to send the wrong ones back? Or will bg pay that as well?
Think i will use one for the 7mm motor armattan frame that arrived also today.
Also my first “real fc” arrived - scisky. Much to do for me right now… :smile:


BG does not ask you to send the wrong boards back


Do you know if he is working on a way to flash the new boards? Cant find info on that…

That little devil is just waiting for some input to have even more fun.


silverxxx is just waitng for his blue FC to arrive and he seems pretty confident that he can work it out. He is one smart guy :slight_smile:


That are the news i hoped for!:grinning:


Seems like he has done it with the new pcb. :smile: Partially.