H8 Mini bad news: board changed


BG is now shipping a redesigned H8 mini that has a different mpu with less flash memory. Too puny to take Silverxxx’s custom acro firmware.

They still have the old boards in stock as replacement parts for about $8. I bought 3 from the US site.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuckkk. Got 2 and broke 1 pretty quick. Better order a few. Thanks for the heads up, I really love the opensource software.

EDIT: Well that was an impulse purchase. Snagged 4 off BG US for $7.63 each along with a $1.50 coupon FCNLBG which came out to $28.99 for 4 H8 FCs. Site said 12 in stock before I bought them and now there’s only 8 left. Do you know if they’ll be restocking with the old board?


Thats crap. I guess they figured they were wasting profit on headroom.


No idea, but I bet after this stock is gone, it’s gone. There are more available from BG via China, but I would be a little worried that they might just switch to the new board rev without notice.

I haven’t broken any of mine… although I did lift the clk solder pad. Bigger PITA if I ever want to flash that board again.


They managed to make it single sided too. Shaved a few more milli-RMB.

The new board does have a nice, directly soldered (no wires) Walkera/Losi battery plug. I do the exact same mod to my H8 boards to save weight/frustration.


Picked up 2 this morning :slightly_smiling: thanks for the heads up.


Do these new ones have a different part number than the old ‘good’ ones ?

Anyone please give me a link to just the FC :smile:




Thanks @Denovich just contacting BG to see if they can confirm that I will be sent the old boards if I order some. A lot of praying taking place over here


Surprisingly fast shipping from BG… Good news green board! (Pic includes my other deliveries from today)



@Denovich Is there any possibility that the h8 mini with blue board they are selling it’s fake (replica)?


What’s even a “fake”? Is there a real JJRC company? Are they vertically integrated? or do they subcontract/bid out to suppliers?

Who knows?

I can think of a dozen plausible reasons for the design change. I doubt we’ll see the green variety again once existing stock is sold.


@Denovich The real brand isn’t eachine? JJRC is a rebrandring of eachine… BG only sells eachine…

Amazon sells eachine too


I pray that my order coming for three boards contains :four_leaf_clover: the good jolly green ones too :four_leaf_clover:


btw @Denovich Eachine is a real company. This is a text by a BG employee “they are a small company in our
city and we have one of the reseller agreements so get to try and test a
lot of their gear first.”


What I meant, I guess is that they probably aren’t a quad manufacturing plant, that has a big investment in all that goes into making quads, with a big storehouse full of spares… They are probably a small shop who comes up with a design and farm out the pieces to various suppliers for manufacturing. They produce something that is largely disposable and it hardly matters if the next one is identical to the last one. They probably do production in batches. (So once a run is done, it’s done). The cost in changing a board design is in the design itself. It’s not like automobile manufacturing where there is huge investment in tooling. So between runs someone was trying to figure out how to make the next batch with a better profit margin and the whipped up a new design. Or the supply of one of the components dried up which forced a redesign.

The point being is that there are tons of good reasons why the board was changed. And about zero reasons to expect that we’ll see new stock with the old generation of boards (unless it gets cloned and shows up somewhere else).


Thanks for the explanation, now I understand your point! :slight_smile:


The word from the Eachine H8 acro hack aficionados is that the best bet for getting one of the good green boards is from Gearbest


Now the word is that those are blue too. I did an order week ago but failed to get any. Order was waiting for restock so I canceled the order.


I received three green FC’s from Banggood in China yesterday They are OOS until 14 Mar