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H01 VTX/CAM recorded on a VHS TAPE!


Just to let you know how this cheap CAM from Beta is bad ! no offense against betafpv , because i really like them and do business project . But had to share so you dont waste your money on this one .

Look Like a Lc Filter problem directly on the vtx , received 2 and about to receive another one this monday … both did same shit , Dipole / CP same issue … wont add a god damn capacitor for my Whoop !

Brand new FC with Silverware!



I have a few of them and they work alright. They are at least 6 months old though, so probably a different batch.
Are you sure its not your FC producing the noise?


It could be im using BETAFPV lite silverware .But i swapped with rhe z01 from my beta65 pro brushless and no noise and clean images . So ?

My H01 is soldered directly on the vbat .