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Graphics wanted - let's make a new CREW shirt!


A long time ago, I challenged you guys to come up with cool pencil art, and we created a stack of nice shirts from your contributions, and I ordered 2-3 each for myself :smiley:

A lot of them, I wear until this day, many of my friends do.
However, the time has come… they are a bit dated… I need new shirts!
So let’s freshen up the fashion, let’s take this to the next level and set some new underground trends :wink:

If YOU are a graphic artist of any nature - I challenge you to come up with the most awesome, unique, elegant artwork to depict our hobby, the spirit of this community, and the mindset of micro FPV, and we will print your work on the new CREW shirts.

You have two weeks to produce something that wows the local audience (i.e. gets a bunch of likes here).
From the contributions we receive until Nov. 15th - we will pick my favourite three, and if thats yours, we will offer merch with your artwork in the MMW webshop, and reward each of the winning three artists with three tees each!

Last time, I asked for pencil art.
This time, its a little easier. Here are the rules:

  • Artwork needs to be a silhouette (e.g. only one solid color), and avoid fine details (to enable embroidering and small prints).
  • Deliver as high resolution png (at least 2000x2000) with transparent background, or as vector file. (to enable huge prints, e.g. all-over shirts or wall art)

Let’s see what you have :wink:


Remember some of those original ones, classics all of them.
I’m looking forward to seeing what our talented crew come up with this time.