Graphene batteries

OK, did a search and the last mention of graphene batteries was 3 years ago, so I thought I would dig up the body.

I have heard that graphene batteries have 3x more life cycles, low IR, low sag and high power available in all discharge cycle. I also heard they weigh more but some say it’s worth it.

Who here uses graphene batteries?

I’ve used some graphenes, they are pretty good. But nothing too crazy. Just really solid batteries. The jump from from normal to HV is way more noticeable in performance and fight time. There aren’t many options for graphene batteries especially for whoops and I’m not aware of any HV graphenes.

Tldr; cheap HV batteries > LV graphene

The battery I got with my nano (Team Black Sheep) is a hv version.

Yeah I think these are the only HV graphene batteries for whoops that exist. Should be really good in theory, but I haven’t tried them. Quite expensive I think.

That is the part I question, is it worth the extra cost? I am thinking not when I can get more batteries for less cost.

I use some 450mah graphenes for various whoops and micro quads. Infinity AHTECH, and Gaoneng GNB. The Infinities are rated at an ever so slightly higher discharge rate, 85C compared to 80C and 160C burst in the GNB, but imho, they perform identically, and are both lighter, and get longer flight times than E-Flite 500mah 1S, which cost the same price for a single cell/battery at my LHS than a pack of 5 Infinity from Ebay or 3 GNB from a Canadian vendor, can probably find them even less expensive from China, but imho, the extra few bucks is worth the waiting 3 days for the mail rather than a month or more for China Post to dig a hole through the Earth to get them to my province.

I do like HV cells. I have some 260mah by GNB, some 300mah by Pulse, both for tiny whoops/Inductrix style/size, and I also have some 550mah HV from BetaFPV which I haven’t really been able to do a good comparison yet due to me being currently making adjustments to my micros. I got that new Blade Brushless FPV whoop back last winter and it’s been a pain tbh, it seems to have issues with overheating on the FC and it draws current like crazy… I think it has to be the motors… I’m considering putting smaller ones on it with a high KV rate since my 0802 19,000kv tiny whoop is just bonkers nuts… Gonna put 0603 16,000s on it and swap the 08s or maybe some 0703 19k onto the Blade and see if my issues go away…

I really need to take a look under the hood of that Blade whoop really… I LOVE it’s size, and maybe all it really needs is a new FC… It’s really the ideal outdoor whoop when it comes to size without going 2S. I’ve had some real fun outdoor flights without bad overheating in the early spring…

But yeah, when it comes to that size of 1S LiPo, the Chinese graphine ones seem flawless… I even have a Pulse 4S graphine that’s rated for 100C at 1550mah for my Oxy 3 that I haven’t tried out yet. This year I’m supposed to be getting back into helis but life has been in the way and micro quads have been a massive savior to me and my sanity regarding personal hobbies and distractions from the living hell that is my life.

Edit: Regarding cost, that 4S 1550 Pulse graphine cost a whopping $4 more than non graphine packs of the same size… But when it comes to single cell graphines, I found them actually LESS expensive than an (assuming) more well known brand rated at a higher capacity but with a far lower discharge rate, which I believe is where the extra flight time comes in…