Graphene batteries

OK, did a search and the last mention of graphene batteries was 3 years ago, so I thought I would dig up the body.

I have heard that graphene batteries have 3x more life cycles, low IR, low sag and high power available in all discharge cycle. I also heard they weigh more but some say it’s worth it.

Who here uses graphene batteries?

I’ve used some graphenes, they are pretty good. But nothing too crazy. Just really solid batteries. The jump from from normal to HV is way more noticeable in performance and fight time. There aren’t many options for graphene batteries especially for whoops and I’m not aware of any HV graphenes.

Tldr; cheap HV batteries > LV graphene

The battery I got with my nano (Team Black Sheep) is a hv version.

Yeah I think these are the only HV graphene batteries for whoops that exist. Should be really good in theory, but I haven’t tried them. Quite expensive I think.

That is the part I question, is it worth the extra cost? I am thinking not when I can get more batteries for less cost.