Got My First Drone (E011), Essential Mods? [SOLVED]


My e011 came in today, wondering what’s the first thing i should do other than antenna mod?

Thx to you guys heres my plan for mods from first priority to last. (new props whenever I break all the spares)

  1. Acro Mode w/ STLINK
  2. FPV Setup
  3. MMW Insane Motors
  4. New FC (BeeBrain?)
  5. Oh, and new transmitter :grinning:

also solved by @NotFastEnuf


Plan on mmw motors. Totally worth it.
Get an stlink and hack it for acro mode.
Get a hobby grade transmitter if you don’t already have one!

Rip up the sky!


Option Two!

Get another FC and put it in!

Get an AIO cam

Get an awesome canopy from @NotFastEnuf

Get a Hobby Grade TX to match your FC!

Get MMW motors!

I still put E6000/Welder on the spars of the ducts.

Try RJX tri-blade props!

Fly and say YAAAAAAASSSS!!


yea definitely getting acro runnin on a low budget so i just got the drone and left out the stlink


wouldnt the stock 4blade props have more thrust or am i wrong


More blades does not necessarily mean more powah.


soo the RJX tri props are better?


The recent thrust test that someone did showed that tri-blades give more thrust on 716’s. In my flying it’s not too noticeable between 4 and 3, but I love the RJX props…


oh ok will get those if i manage to break all the props on the e011


umm just did a maiden flight and whenever i bump into something the propeller likes to pop off


It’s split at the hub then. Change it out.

Also I think I paid under 2$ for my stlink on ebay. Not expensive at all.


oh ok they were $7 on amazon. what do u mean by split and how do i fix it?


The hub of that prop has a crack. That’s why it flies off. Look very closely at it - you’ll probably be able to see it. Either way, just put a spare on.


I found the stock E011 props like to pop off as much as the Rakon tri-blades…the E010/RJX/Blade props don’t seem to do that. The E011’s should be exactly the same as 10’s but the two that I have bought, all those props fly off at some point.


alright so i switched it and now when i push the throttle it goes forward and wont lift off


Then you could be using the wrong direction prop


how do i know what directions they spin

nvm thx, now i feel dumb :sweat_smile:


Simple to understand but difficult to explain in a few words (i’m not an english speaker). Props blades have an inclination. The top of the blade must be closer to the center of the quad in front and back parts of the quad.


thanks figured it out :sweat_smile:


Don’t feel too bad. I’d bet almost everybody here has done that in the last month or two.
I have.