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Got Fired for flying Tiny Whoop for 1 year


2 days ago , i got fired from my JOB which i was loving so much especially all my residents and my co-workers and out of nowhere i had a meeting to announce me they was firing me for flying my TINY WHOOP which used “DRONE” term for describing it and was comparing this to a MAVIC , DJI and such you know typical answer from someone who dont know nothing about this hobby . So i had to remove all my video and all my youtube channel which ive working forever to build up some fan and friends who was loving to watch my santawhoop footages and other silverware nfe related content and recently ( 3 videos ) , i made some video indoor flying ANGLE with my Tiny Whoop to entertain my Residents which was bringing smile and joy to them . All i did was to show how i was loving them and how this hobby is wonderful but getting fire for this completely destroyed my mood , not because i was losing my job but because i was losing a family which i was helping every single day , some of them didnt have family and it was really special because it was a cognitive / Alzheimer and they were always remembering me and was calling my Whoop the Tiny Bird …Anyway this is the short story , lessons learned .

So i re-opened my Youtube Channel and uploaded couple old video and selected specific one to avoid future problem .

Finally , im starting from scratch and by closing my YT channel ive lost all my Followers if you wanna simply support me you can follow me here by clicking on this video which is old but if you wanna watch more recent one feel free to look for me .

“I won’t stop my passion”
Love you guys !

I apologize for my English , because i do speak FRENCH on a daily basis .


Oh dude, that sucks! Managers are a worse disease than Alzheimer’s :man_facepalming:t2: Subbed, you’ll be back in no time!


Merde, @tarkux!!! :dizzy_face:

Really sorry to hear about the lost job and lost footage. That really sucks! I always appreciated and enjoyed the Tiny Whoop entertainment you provided for your residents.

This is the first time I’ve heard of somebody experiencing such severe consequences for whooping, especially in a work context. Did your employer voice concerns about safety? Or was it a question of (medical) privacy? I know here in the US, with HIPAA medical privacy rules, it’s all too easy to get in trouble accidentally when working for hospitals and other medical providers.


It was really about the Tiny Whoop and lack of knowledge about them . Whoop for him was just like all other drones so he mixed with law and rules you know all that kind of stuff . After the first meeting we did meet again 2 more time to sign a agreement and cancel the suit , it was really serious , business man is business man . The worse part is he never saw me flying my Whoop …i even sent me documents with legals rules and such but there was nothing to do so we closed it .

Im gonna call is a new beginning and im gonna be way more careful now and no more whoop at work even if they ask me for , i dont want any problem at all because its my passion and i need it . My goal was to entertain my people at my Lunchbreak and just fly after work in a empty room but now we know we cant do what we want even if everyone knows about it because one day someone gonna crack up again .

Good side of the story the same day i did get a new job instantly and still with cognitive disease people and simply old people who need help and health care !

Whoop on !