Good cheap lightweight wideangle camera and canopy for e011


Thx to another post i made i now know i want to have a fpv camera for my e011. whats a good camera and canopy that fits it, i heard @NotFastEnuf makes canopies for stuff like that but how do i get one.


We’re are you in the world?


im in america


Cool, that’s easy then - you can get them on ebay
Or you can pm me to work out something different from what is offered there (I know you said you were on a limited budget - and if need be I would give you some if you cover shipping). I know you mentioned you had just gotten started in the hobby - so a little additional support would be happily given to show you the true spirit of things in this community. :smile: There are at least some install videos in the product descriptions you should check out so you know what’s involved putting one on.


oh ok thanks :smiley: i think i can afford it, will definitely get this when i buy my camera

also will this work for the e011 cause the shell has no screws


E011 frame with canopy from @NotFastEnuf
Crashed the hell out of this thing. First on a 6mm whoop, now on 7mm.


If only shipping wasn’t so expensive to the UK/EU…:cry: