Good cheap FC that will fit Tiny Whoop frame

Found a couple of local whoop race groups in my area, so I think it may be time to resurrect my whoop.

My previous and first FC was an Acrowhoop V2, but the RX broke after 4 months use. I was logging my flight hours on my Taranis and I got 24 hrs use. My friend bought a couple months ago the BetaFPV + OSD FC and had initial issues with it, but it’s working now. I was going to go with that ($40 USD), but I was hoping to find something cheaper on BG (~$20 USD), since they seem to break pretty quickly. Unless, you guys have experience with a really good quality FC that won’t break after a couple months. I’d be willing to pay a lot for one of those.

What’s a good, long-lasting, cheap FC that’ll fit a Tiny Whoop frame (hopefully in that order)?


Still got my Accrowhoop v2 best fc i had and still using and i bought the beecore v2 on BG really good . Otherwise if you want the Holy Grail buy a Beta lite fc or Bwhoop 03 fc for Silverware .

But you’ll need a STLink for Flashing which is cheap at least and and multiprotole TX ! Qx7 , Jumper , Devo !

Quick answer for cheap and good fc buy the beecore v2 with OSD .

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My beecore V2 and Acrowhoop v2 :facepunch::sunglasses:

I never had a FC break on me (well, except for the one that lay upside down in a puddle of water, on a roof, for a week).

If you want good and cheap go with a Silverware board, like this one:
The only downside is that it’s not as simple as with Betaflight to get going.


That’s the main reason I haven’t gone with Silverware yet. Lots of parts to buy to get it up and running.

Maybe I was just unlucky with my FC. Didn’t really crash too hard. It was the RX that gave out.

Any trouble with the MPU6500?

Here my Beecore v2