Good and cheap remote controller



i want to build a new quadrocopter for a friend.
so i need a recommendation for a cheap and good rc.
i bought for me spektrum dx6i. but it is pretty expensive.
is there maybee a cheaper one?
it is important that this receiver(receiver mode) is supported by betaflight/cleanflight.


If cheap is what you want you should look at the Devo 7e or Turnigy Evolution


Another option is the new taranis q x7. Hasn’t released yet so no reviews, but it looks pretty promising at just over $100.


I like my 7e w/DeviationTX on it a lot. Cost maybe $60 or so, feels good and flies well.
To be fair, my only other TXs are Syma X11C and Eachine E010 stock pieces, and they (especially the E010) are pretty bad.


If you like your DX6i and want your friend to use same radio protocol, you can get the DXe. It’s inexpensive and simple. Works perfectly with DSMX protocol quads right out of the box.


thx guys :slight_smile:


I have had so many remotes for boats, cars, copters and more. Futaba was my go-to for quite a few years then Spektrum and now Frsky for most things that fly or need long range, good penetration through obstacles or are at risk of being lost.

So cheap, many functions and upgradeability.

Can’t go wrong there.


This is an old thread but worth keeping alive. We missed documenting the jumper transmitter. And now we are on the verge of this being released. I think It looks promising especially if it’s gonna run deviation firmware (although I don’t think that’s 100% confirmed yet).


Chinese tango clone? Oh yeah! Also, @burtlo should mod that one lol


If it comes loaded with deviation - no mods will be necessary and it will have all the modules and protocols working! After doing a few 7e’s and an 8s myself - id LOVE to not have to mod a tx. This is the first one on the horizon that could actually be everything straight out of the box. Full size, ball bearing gimbals, all the modules, plenty of switches, deviation (maybe), and a decent price!


LOL, thanks for the vote of confidence! I still need to tidy up my Tango mod, it’s not 100%.


Great work though! Very informative


Things are moving so fast, @NotFastEnuf! And now there is already talk of an upgraded Jumper “T8SG Plus,” which will not only have hall gimbals and extra switches, but also a JR module bay, just in case the internal 4-in-1 2.4Ghz multi-protocol board doesn’t cover enough protocols or frequencies! :flushed:

New 4 in 1 TX running Deviation TX

Oh thats nice - JR bay - like for a sweet long range module!!! Can’t you fly fpv to the moon with a dragon link now? LOL


Frsky X-lite