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Good 2" to 3" t-mount propellers?


Just wondering if you guys have a favorite propeller that’s t-mount, whether it is 2", 2.5" or 3".


Gemfan 3025 are my favorite of all.
Great performance and crazy durability


Gemfan 3025 (what woodstunning said) and 2035BN (nice durability, performance strongly depends on the motor - using them on my space elevator :smiley: ).


Gemfan 3025 here, seems so much more efficient than anything else I’ve tried so far. (not that much but why change if they work so well)


Agree on the GF3025 for smoothness and efficiency. The other good one is the RotorX RX2535 quad-blades. They are smooth and quiet, but not as durable as the dual-blades (newer smoke gray PC version is better than old white ABS version).


I agree, and love my gemfans. PC over ABS any day!


Lol two months later and GF3025 is still going strong! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously though, that’s a good thing bc I just bought 12 for my micro build.


best i found is 3025. gemfan just came out with a 3 blade version 3035. i ordered 3 sets to test out. also going to try kingkong 2840 and some racestar 2435pro. should take a few weeks to get


Just to add to the choir I’ve just finished trying the Gemfan 3025 props on my leader 120 and they are outstanding. Lighter, similar thrust, but much more efficient that the king kong 2840s the they come with (which by no means are a bad prop). Here is my full review:


Any new props come out that people are liking? Looking at getting acrobrat and looking at what props to get initially


Emax Avan Blur (2") and Avan Rush (2.5"). I fly 2.5" myself but since I liked it so much I recommended 2" version to some folks and they all loved them. Apart from feeling better than Gemfans in the air (I haven’t been in this for long enough to articulate why exactly), they are really, really hard to break which I found to be a really good quality as a beginner going through my first order of Gemfans quickly. I’ve had that micro for about 4 months now and I broke 2 parts of the frame, camera lens, 2 motors, several antennas and ripped out a vtx with one of them, but I don’t think I broke a single prop on first try. Only managed to break a few after bending them back several times.