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Getting back into the hobby, AlienWii question


So I’m getting back into the hobby as the title says, and I have an AlienWii board, the whiteboard so I’m not sure if that’s the older version, etc. I have a FX798 without the case also mounted. I also am using dark edition motors with a 720mah bat. Performance is sluggish. I know I shouldn’t be expecting anything like a brushless, but I also am not getting anywhere close to the performance shown in the video on the store page. It also seems to be dying, not enough power to leave the ground after about 3 1/2 mins. I check bat voltage and it’s at 3.6V? Is some setting limiting this to 3.6V I know lipos shouldn’t be pushed past 3.2, and I run my large quad to around 3.4 per cell. Thanks, guys!


This may not be very helpful, but depending on how long its been since you have left the micro hobby, you may want to get a new lipo… sometimes lipos that sit around lose their umph, especially after a season or 2 of ripping darks lol.

I had a few 480mah 1s from benny i bought 3 years ago… I would fly them with the darkest of editions, and after 2 years, 1one of them would charge to 4.2 but couldn’t lift off the ground. the other one still flies to this day though, but when i punch out i can tell its starting to get weaker…

darks on 1s is a battery killer… but totally worth it!!!