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So I swapped the frame on the apollo 130 build to the Air Ro 4" frame from Kinetic Arial due to issues with COG. Totally worth it. All i did was swap the electronics onto the new frame, and it looks and flies like a totally new quad! :slight_smile: COG issues totally gone!

Here is a brushless family picture of my Air Ro 4" , my Minimalist 128 3", and the newest edition, the Keni 97 2"!

Building quads can be really really hard… But man is it worth it! :slight_smile:

Probably going to swap the Keni 97 2" wide X frame with a true X 2.5" frame… I feel it may fly better with less disturbed airflow for the props .

5" Convertible LOS/FPV quad coming up next to add to the family! (Not exactly a brushless micro, but will be cool to have a brushless family picture of 2"3"4" and 5" :slight_smile:


E010c, E010s, 2 E011 silver and 7mm boss