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Hopefully y’all will play here. I’ve ended up building sooo many different quads that I wanted to show off a little. Plus, I just threw together an H8 Mini with a Diatone Beta 110, and I wanted an easy place to go to in order to find someone else with a similar build, so it got me thinking…

Since we can edit our posts endlessly, how about if we use this thread to show our latest/current fleet, and we keep it updated with a single post (ideally just one photo) that shows all we have at the moment. If we lose a quad, we update the pic(s). If we build more, we update.

Between words and pics, a single post from each of us can keep things pretty complete. We can omit whatever we want, obviously.

Who’s in?


I’m in.

Current brushless fleet with some changes marked.

Top right, bobo 95mm, moved the RX antennas - they broke too often.

Group picture, front row: Specical “Atom” made from 1.7mm CF RCX 1105 5kKV, Bee 90 (disassembled it completely yesterday), RS90 (has seen better days), Q Carbon 85mm (different props on there now, needs a new camera - I mainly use it for electronics experiments - did never fly too well).

Group picture, second row: Atom with RCX H1304 4kKV, CF 148 with 3.5" props and RCX 1707 3200KV, Atom with RX1105B (that’s the machine with the fishing line attached, I fly this into trees by intent).

I currently fly the bobo most of the time on 2S and the Atom with 1304s on 3s/4s.


I like the idea,
I take pics of my builds singularly and proudly post in eye candy or wherever here. Then I fly them. Then I wreck them. Then I build the next one. :flushed:
I have three quads at best at any one time. So although I have built many, only the latest are still available for a photo op.
Your idea will motivate me to rebuild my original fleet from the start for nostalgia and maybe get those Scisky boards w burnt FETS up again. Work I have on my mind anyway. Current fleet: (ok, maybe a bit better than three)
Proudly flying three Aiens in the back with a bnf maker fire and tiny whoop. Also beecore Goldberg and beecore e010.

Grounded for repairs:
Nano qx fpv - needs LVC mod and lighter aio
K kopter - Scisky burnt FETS
CF H - Scisky burnt FETS
Rambo Whoop - replace burnt -19’s and reconfigure beebrain
7mm Rakon w blade qx fpv- electrical shorting on carbon frame I think w my custom LED’s
Efficiency X- smashed learning Acro mode
And sadly MIA, Stealth w Pico B

**bookmarked for future reference ***


@burtlo: I like to call these “family pictures.” Just like with a human family, older members eventually leave us and new babies join the party. That said, I’m terrible with taking family pictures, both human and quadcopters. This should provide an incentive to get some of my long-lost relatives out of deep-freeze and in front of a camera. :smiley:

@las: Your markup of changes since picture was taken is funny! New additions will obviously be harder to add with a marker. :wink:

@Kamsleo69: I like your idea of showing two pictures, one of “living family” and the other one of “deceased relatives.” :stuck_out_tongue:


You like your atoms,gotta say i love mine to bits although its got a twitch for some reason,on 1306 emax its a missile!


Just sharing - Here’s a pic of my current squad. Nothing impressive as I basically try to make the lightest builds possible - which result in less than “pretty” quads that are super lean.
I wish I lived closer to @NotFastEnuf so we could have a hand at vacuum-forming some aerodynamic canopies :slight_smile:

3 - 8.5mm and 1 - 6mm
3 - F1s and an F3
Afunta clone props


Beautiful. Fashion is fashion, but lean is good in these micros. Lovely fleet, thanks for sharing!


Is that the efficiency X frame?
Man, I loved mine. (Past tense) she helped me learn Acro.
And I smiled as I saw your yellow 6mm props. Last year, this time actually, I was hacking away at my nano qx stuff!
I second, thanks for your family pic. :blush:


Except for the Usmile 110, they are all Phoenix Flight Gear frames - 1

and 2 of the

I actually fitted 8.5mm motors on one of these 6mm frames. It’s the one with the F3 Tiny FC, Lemon diversity RX and Spintechs. Excellent power to weight ratio on this little bugger and handles really nice with barely warm motors after all out flying.

I can’t wait to receive my MMW Dark Editions to try it on one of these ultralights. I’ll probably load it up with OSD and buzzer - should be awesome!


Here are some of my micros! Missing is a few Eachine E010 builds that I have loned out. I have some various cheap micros that I am in the middle of working on.


2 f3 buzzer crickets, 1 scisky cricket, 1 alien buzzer spider, 1 scisky spider.


…and a whole lotta afunta props!

Nice fleet, love the spiders.


I like to use my quads to the fullest/fastest.
That means for my liking I make them as tough as possible.
So far the waterproof scisky cricket has lasted since the beginning of winter.
It’s good to have a fleet again. Good ole winter scisky was getting tired it should get 4 new motors soon.


The quads I fly quite regularly. Adding 2 new BL builds to the fleet in the next two weeks.


Here is a pic of my current fleet. Many of these aren’t getting any love anymore. I think I’m going to be listing a few of these shortly…


My Brushless fleet is growing… I call these guys the Neighborhood Nuisance. Crusader GT2 200, Crusader GT2 150, Rotorious FPV Rip 120, Tarot 130 and Chaser 88.


I like family pictures, heres mine.

Kenni 110, CS110, XBL117, KKoptor and RS90.

Kenni 110, CS110, XBL117, KKoptor and RS90.


My brushless fleet so far… (just a couple, but soon they will have a quadbaby and a keni 97 will be born :slight_smile: )

As far as brushed goes - somehow they literally all died.(except 2, the crook and the silent ripper)… must rebuild that fleet!


I agree!
So hard to keep the Brushed fleet operational
And congrats on these two.


Headed to Scottsdale for a couple days, hoping for some wide open spaces. Here’s what I’m packing:

Not the entire fleet, but at the moment, all of these seem to be flying solidly. I reworked the Atom 83 for the third time (that canopy’s seen better days), retrofitted with my RaceFlight stack. Reworked the “Murdock” (Fusion Micro 114) with a more compact cam. And, as of now, everything is FrSky, no more DSMX, with the Atom 83 and Murdock using the Fishpepper Rx.

Good Times ahead.