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FX758-2 for Drone project


I’m very new to drones and building a drone. I’m following this guide to try and build a small drone: https://www.instructables.com/id/Micro-105-FPV-Quadcopter-3D-Printed/

I was able to get almost all the parts listed however I cant find a FX758-2 5.8G 200mW vTX. I looked everywhere on amazon and banggood but they are out of stock. It sounds like a newer version or something might have replaced this one? What should I do? Is there a AV Transmitter that could work with this project and is available? It seems that this is a core component and I cant build the drone without it.


The Runcam TX200u is a 200mw vtx.

Would that work for you?


o wow thank you! and for the quick response.

This looks good to me, its 200mw and runs on 5v but since im kind of a noob im not 100% sure it is compatible.


I see. I believe that FC has a 5v/1000mah booster circuit so you should be good. You may be better off with 25mw as the 200mw will use more power and give you shorter flights.


Awesome, thank you so much for the info! You have been a great help!


@Katianie No worries. Do you have a camera to hook up to the vtx? Here’s an all in one cam/vtx that would be good if you don’t.
TURBOWING Cyclops v2 Smart Audio Vtx Micro AIO 700TVL Camera Only 3.3g 5.8ghz 48ch 25mw Vtx Aio Camera with Cover Shell for Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter Drone https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BFPJGB8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0MwGCbRK2CKXQ


I’m planning on using this one: 600TVL 1/4 1.8mm Lens CMOS 170 Degree Wide Angle CCD Mini FPV Camera NTSC https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CNMQKAG/

The one you linked looks great too.


Personally, I’d go with the AIO. I have that camera and didn’t like the quality of the image and it was kinda heavy especially if paired up with a bigger vtx. Plus if you get the AIO you won’t have to worry about finding a vtx


Sorry for the noob questions but vtx is the av transmitter right? If that’s the case I might go with the AIO if it will be compatible with the other components on the tutorial.


Yeah, vtx stands for video transmitter. Just solder the two video signal wires together because you don’t have OSD(on screen display) and the power wires to the the FC power pads. Should only need 3v pad.

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That tutorial is really ancient in terms of FPV (2015, that’s like decades ago in FPV years :slight_smile:). If you want to build something similar I’d recommend the Eachine E011C or Bwhoop B03Pro which include flight controller and motors that you can use with a 3d printed boss frame and add an AIO (all-in-one) camera+vtx (video transmitter) onto it for FPV. Flash NFE silverware onto it for better performance and acro mode. Do you already have some parts or gear?


Nice catch. The E011C (or JJRC H67) is incredibly cheap, when paired with a cheapo AIO cam/vtx it’s under $30. @Katianie, make sure you are getting the C(hristmas) version for flashing silverware though. If you’re buying off banggood, the JJRC H67 and Caddx Beetle seem to be the lowest priced right now. Also, if you plan on flying inside, the stock setup (no boss frame) might be better for you.

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I was about to say the same thing.
@Katianie is your intention to build one from scratch or do you just want to get into flying micro quadcopters? A lot has changed since that tutorial. Nowadays it’s not necessary or cheaper to build one yourself, there are lots of very good RTF micro fpv quads. Unless you really love the building aspect (most of us do :wink:) there is no reason to build one from scratch. Yes you learn a lot from building, but getting an RTF, inspecting it, taking it apart / repairing it / learning the software also teaches a lot. There are lots of options but as @fichek says, e011c or bwhoop is a great option. It’s dirt cheap, durable, has some basic building aspects like adding an AIO cam, and advanced aspects like flashing / hacking the firmware to make it fly amazing. It also stimulates getting a multiprotocol radio which I’d recommend. But for a beginner you could get away with using the toy radio it comes with, add some cheap box goggles, lipos and a charger and you are up and flying for $100. Other options are the relatively new brushless RTF’s, us65,mobula7,tinyhawk, trashcan, lots more, but that’s getting a bit more pricy.


Thanks again for all the info this is defiantly a life saver.

I started making stuff with RaspberryPi a couple of years ago and made a robot and some other cool things. I also have a 3D printer so when I came across the original tutorial, I printed out the frames and wanted to build the drone. I saved the tutorial and slowly over time I ordered the parts and I’ve been planning on making it but I’ve gotten busy with other things :frowning:. I figure since i have most of the parts I would follow through with the tutorial. But then I wasn’t able to get the recommended vtx cuz like you said 2015 is ancient when it comes to drones.

I could always buy a drone and stuff but I think at the moment I’m more interested in the building and making my own as apposed to just buying one and flying it.


I see, in that case if all you are missing is VTX (even if you already have a camera), the Caddx Beetle suggested by @FelineFlyer above is probably the best-buy way to finish it. You can find some other AIO cameras on sale down to $9.99 if you’re patient, but this one is great value for the money. Eachine TX06 would be the next best value I think.


Guess what I found in my drawers.
Where are you located?
I”ll donate it for your build.

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