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Fs i6 multiprotocol not binding


I was flying yesterday when the whoop seemed to have a brown out. I was at the edge of the receiving range. After I recovered the whoop I couldnt get the whoop to bind to the fs i6 multiprotocol. It did take a 3 ft fall when it disconnected from tx earlier in the day. multi. Powers on flashes as usual light goes solid but the whoop is still fast flashing for binding. The toy tx bonds fine, I tried multiple batteries and even setup a new model. But to no avail. I noticed the ground wire a lil loose but it obviously had power. I’m gonna resolder power wires tonight.
I have a second e011 board ill try binding to after fixing wires, if it still wont bind…
Obviously ordering a new one and a back up aswell…
Is there a way to communicate with multiprotocol through silverware?
PID suggestion for the toy tx?