Fs i6 mod----3 position toggle swap for two 2 position toggle


Flysky fs i6 needs more toggle switches.
Could I swap the 3 position toggle switch for two 2 position toggle switches? I font have a use for 3 flight modes anymore. Sometime i feel like a lazy cruise so ill flip on level mode. A relaxing flight before crazy time
More to the point will betaflight or silverware recognize the separate switches?
Could that possibly allow for another channel to be gained aswell? I think it might cause 3 pos. switches allow using off as more than turn off an object.
We shall find out ordering switches now.
Yalls thoughts?


You can set the 3 pos switches as 2 separate channels. Middle is all off, up is, say, arm, and down is beeper. You won’t need a beeper when you are armed, so that’s a good choice. It will be the same channel, but each position is something different.


Not sure if this will be a snafu or not. I order 3 pin 2 position on/on toggle switches.