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Frame options 07xx motors


I just ordered a Bat 100 frame to build a 2S 0703 12000kv qwad.
But I would love to know if there are any larger frames or others in this size, 100ish 07xx frames?


This one is probably worth of consideration: https://flexrc.com/product/slim-x-2-5-frame/


That looks awesome, many different motor options and a nice design :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!
Sadly its out of stock at the moment…


I recently built an 0706 bat100 for 1s and then of course right after I found a couple others. There are the spc 95ep and a then a remake of the bat100 on armattan that is widened to more like a 105 to make it a true x not stretched and it fits 65mm props. I don’t know how I feel about the bat because of the gyro not being centered. There is also the aurora a100 but I don’t believe they have that frame for sale separately as far as I can tell. Other than that it seems the 07xx motors are more for sub 75mm whoop style frames.

On a separate note 1s brushless is really intriguing but, its just starting and I’ll have to try some of the newer motors these 0706 have tons of power but they are heating up 80c gnb 450mah batteries and I need to glue the can back onto the shaft. Thinking I’ll try a 1.5mm shaft upgrade as other have said the shafts bend and/or break where they neck down.