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Frame like Eachine Firer 130?


So I just went on a spending spree and bought a bunch of parts for my first brushless build from a bunch of different vendors. After placing an order for the Emax 1106 motors and GF3025 props, I realized that banggood is not selling the Eachine Firer 130mm frame any more! It was only $13… :sweat_smile:

Does anyone know of a similar frame that can fit a 20x20 FC with walls around the FC for protection and GF3025 props?

I was going to buy the frame from aliexpress, but they won’t let me use paypal and the wait is like 19-39 days, so I can’t dispute my order, if it never arrives…

Plz help!


They don’t have it anymore?!? Well that sucks, I wanted to get another now that my motor stall issue has been taken care of.

I’m on a clone of a clone of a 120 right now that I like, but no 3025 props (not whole, anyway) on that one. Running the rjx 2840 triblades. They seem to be pretty nice too, though less efficient I think.


I think you are too concerned about protecting the fc. I’ve been flying a few years and the fc is about the only thing that’s not been damaged in some of my epic crashes. They are the least likely thing to suffer physical damage, I’d honestly not be worried about that, it could restrict your choice of good frames.
As mentioned in one of your many other threads you are listing quite good quality components but seem to be looking for a budget frame to attach them too, false economy in my mind. Nice components in a good frame will give you a better overall build. Either that or go with a cheap frame and fit cheap parts to it until your experience has built up.
Just suggestions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Chaotix Okay. What’s a decent quality frame that I could get? The RIP 120 looks impressive from their pictures, but I don’t know much about frames and I don’t want to pay overprice for a cheap frame. I guess the two most important things would be quality of carbon fiber used to cut it and weight, but not many manufacturers list trusted quality of carbon fiber.


I am biased as I’m heavily involved in RotoriousFpv. However the only reason I’d get in with a company is if they pass my high standards in quality of materials and design. The original Rip120 sold very well and was regarded highly in this class and the new Rip120 v2 is a step up again. It’s £32 which is double the price of most Chinese frames but as soon as you get it in your hands you can tell why. Like all good quality frames, simply handling them and feeling the carbon and stiffness lets you know you have something worthwhile.
At Rotorious it’s a continual design process with slight changes to each small batch based on feedback from testers and fans who fly them. You will find a similar thing goes on behind most higher priced design companies.


How feasible is it to 3D print an 30 to 20mm adaptor for the FC? Would it mess with the vibration isolation?


The Rip can only take a 20x20.
I have some very simple adapters from 30.5x30.5 to 20x20 printed in pla, which work very well at isolating the fc from all motor noise, in another frame I have here. They are an accessory from, you’ve guessed it, Rotorious.


I noticed that some frames have oval motor mounting holes so that they can fit a wide range of motors. Have you tried any of these types of frames, and do they cause unstable motor vibration?