FPV with the Tiny7


Tiny7 frame & propellers
Syma X5C 0720 motors
Juncheng 3015-2 Flight Controller

Recorded with Fatshark HD3 using FR632 Video Receiver.
The video quality of the FR632 is so much better than my built in Realacc receiver.
Flown with modified Devo 7e


I angled the camera up and got it just right. Now the speed is how I like it, fast!


Very nice… looks like a fun place to fly!


Talk about the perfect building to fly a fast Tiny7 Whoop! :sunglasses: The atrium reminds of some hotels where I’ve stayed. Perfect for fun in every season. :smiley:


Yes, it’s definitely a fun place to fly. I love the challenge. I’ve tried it in acro mode a few times but in the end I much prefer being able to bounce off a wall in angle mode and keep flying.