FPV Goggles

So I’m starting to get tired of my box goggles and when I got to races everyone else has the compact FPV goggles.

Are there any goggles around $100-$200 range that are worth it?

Thanks to everyone who helps

If your reception is ok I’d stick with the box goggles to be honest. There’s nothing really in the 100-200 range at present that will make it that much better unless you need diveresity for better reception. Most people started or even still use box goggles so I wouldn’t worry about people judging.

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Try not to stress over the latest and greatest in this hobby.

yeah i have a pair of fatshark attitude v2s which are very nice, and a spektrum box headset which is nice. I use the spektrum box headset WAY more than my fatsharks. In fact my farsharks are now collecting dust at this point… i think it may be because of how delicate the fatsharks are, and how much they cost when i bought them that kind of forced me to be so careful with them (also you cannot let sunlight hit the lenses for an extended period of time without them damaging)

IMO, the box headsets are easier to take on and off as well, AND do the same dang thing lol

i find it much easier to throw a box/monitor headset into the trunk that cost me $120 vs stressing over those expensive delicate fatsharks which at the time cost me $300…

ok cool, thanks guys

So now that I’ve saved up a bit more money what goggles should I get?

thanks to everyone who can help

I’d suggest fatshark dom v3s or the anniversary edition. You can have modules and there is a lot of support around them. Aomway is lighter, it still doesn’t have module bays. It does though, have built in diversity.

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