FPV camera vs regular camera


Hi everyone,

I need to test out if my FPV camera on drone is working so I want to use different camera. Can I just use my external webcamera from old pc? I am not sure if the webcam will work on drone, since sometimes webcamera needs a driver to work on a pc.



Webcams typically send out a digital signal cos USB, where most fpv cameras send out a tv-analog signal. Totally different things.

Some drones use other camera types, typically prebuilt “HD” drones, but I’m not aware of any that use USB as a signaling method.

What done so you have?


Furibee X215. I cut off the usb connector and there are 4 wires, I guess one is for mic or LEDs for better night video, the rest is black, red and yellow so shouldnt it work?


Black and red will be ground and 5V and yellow will likely be signal, but, it will be a digital signal and fpv uses analog as @Bobnova said. Your vtx will not be able to process the digital signal.


Hmm so I will have to just buy another FPV camera… What other cameras are using analog?


Fpv cameras are all just based on repurposed cctv ones, you may find cheapest if you search cctv.


This is one of the cheaper options (there are better cameras, this is what I’m using on quads that are being flown as brutal as it gets): https://www.banggood.com/600TVL-8_0MP-14-2_8mm-CMOS-FPV-170-Degree-Wide-Anlge-Lens-Camera-PALNTSC-p-984345.html