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Flynoceros Sköll PIDs


Hello all,

I just built a flynocerous Sköll frame and just migrated from 3s to 4s as well as getting more powerful motors. I love the new quad but I am having a lot of trouble finding others online with this frame and thus building it was a little taxing and tuning it seems a bit daunting. I’d love to find someone with the same frame that can share their PIDs so that I have a place to start when tuning mine.

Since moving to the new frame, I’ve been seeing a decent amount of ‘mid-throttle’ oscillation in my FPV cam and my back ESCs, particularly the off motor 3 (betaflight) get incredibly hot while sitting idle with a battery plugged in. I think that the motor3 ESC is just going out on me and have ordered a replacement but the addition of the motor1 ESC getting overly hot too makes me worried it might have a lot to do with my tune.

I’d appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Betaflight 3.1.x
BLHeli DShot 125
BetaflightF3 FC
racestar 20A ESCs (v2 i think)
Brotherhobby 2206 2300kv motors



I’ve actually had to upgrade my FC and am now running BF 3.2