Flight controller/camera question

This is my attempt to understand the relationship between FC and camera.

To start, I have a pair of CX-30ws and I stripped one down for use for parts for the other and now have an fc collecting dust. I have since ordered a QX105 but might repurpose the CX’s for hovercrafts at some point. I also was given an orphaned Syma X5C (5 years in the woods and still works!) that I tried to control via the CX’s wifi camera. The camera powered up but it seems that the wifi aspect was not booting up. I am assuming that there was some missing code between the fc and camera that prevented it from firing up the wifi.

I plan to buy an Eachine TX02 NTSC Super Mini AIO and wondered if it would make use of the power but not affect the flight ability with the stock tx.

Figured it would be a long shot question and the worst that could happen is I have to give it a try and see what happens.

Should work just fine.
Solder the power wires from the VTX directly to where the battery is connected to the FC :+1: