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Flexible Drone saves crashing


I haven’t broken any frames lately, but I’ve also been flying slow and indoors for the winter. This looks like a pretty cool concept…

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That’s a very interesting concept indeed.
My only real concern (other than weight) would be prop strikes to the camera/other bits.



Ive said it b4 ill say it some more, we need a tpu man to experiment with a brushed or brushless frame.
nova? i think so.



Looks like some weird kind of breakdancing to me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

LOL! I like that quote! :joy:

Happy to deal with crashing and breakage, if I can just cheat death and avoid the tax man. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: The frame in that test, with the center section/FC suspended by strings, reminds me a bit of @Benedikt’s DreamCatcher design.



dreamcatcher inspired?



Exactly what I was thinking! Don’t think he will be doing any acro or racing with that thing though. :laughing: It probably doesn’t fly up to our standards…

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Yeah, I need someone to design me a TPU frame I can print!

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