Flashing problems


I have a driver issue somewhere or something else going on with my pc I can’t figure out. I used to be able to flash… One day, it stopped working. I’ve tried re-installing Zadig, the Vcom drivers and also ImpulseRC driver fixer and I still can’t flash. I can use another computer without issue. I can connect to BF without issue and make any changes except to flash. I’ve got Win7 x64… I just want to unistall the drivers and start over, but not sure which ones to remove…


Keep messing around with it, and you will get it eventually!

The same thing happened to me, one day “failed to open serial port” started happening out of no where… ( I think it was after a bios update on my computer to be honest but cannot confirm that.)

I can’t even tell you what I did to get it working again, because I did everything you said as well by messing with zadig, vcom and impulse rc…

CP210x USB to UART Bridge Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers <-- I think I had tried to reinstall this a few times and it ended up working again… Was definitely a weird experience though.

Hope it gets fixed soon! Driver issues on windows are annoying.

I never had an issue with my mac when it came to quads and drivers, everything worked right out of the box…

But i have had a fair amount of driver grief on windows that’s for sure.


Had a similar problem check out your driver’s when it’s plugged in, this will help identify the driver, then uninstall that one, don’t update it or use zdiag or whatever just let win blows do its thing, try that if not try again in boot mode, can’t remember what worked but every time I wanted to flash I had to uninstall the updated driver, flash, update driver, then bf would connect


Thanks… I think I had to do something similar on the computer that currently works… was hoping there was an easier way…


yeah sorry that’s what I found works a real pain in the ass, that pc wouldn’t happen to be a trio would it? that’s what my pc was that had the same problem, upgraded to a diffrent brand haven’t had a problem in either flashing or connecting, good luck