Flashed BF 3.1.6 to Beecore F3 EVO, BF shows 5 UARTS!?!?


Up until recently, I have been using Betaflight 3.1.0 on my Beecore F3 EVO. A few days ago I decided it was time to upgrade to Betaflight 3.1.6. So I flashed the updated firmware and everything went great. After flashing I made sure that Betaflight had the proper configuration for my Tiny Whoop. I clicked on the Ports tab to find that it now shows:


Heres a screenshot:

As for my understanding, F3 boards have 3 UARTS, no more. The strange thing is that my Tiny Whoop still flies perfectly fine. Maybe even a little smoother with BF 3.1.6 compared to the 3.1.0 that I was running. I am assuming that this is not normal? What could make this happen? Is this cause for concern? I will list the configuration/build for my Tiny Whoop below.

My Tiny Whoop – CUSTOM BUILD

  • Inductrix Frame (CLEAR)
  • Beecore F3 EVO Flight Controller (FlySky)
    ----- De-Soldered Motor Connectors
  • Racerstar 59,000 RPM 6mm Motors (Color: BLACK)
  • Crazepony VM275T v1.1 AIO Micro FPV Camera
  • Crazepony Micro AIO FPV Camera Mount/Canopy (Color: CLEAR)
  • CUSTOM: 5.8G Whip Antenna
    ----- DETAILS: 12.8mm 1/4 Wavelength w/ Linear Polarization
    ----- Personally Hand BUILT + TUNED this Antenna
  • RakonHeli 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Frame Stiffener
  • HobbyMate Quad-Blade Props (Color: BLACK)
  • GIANT POWER 1S 220mah 50C Lipo Batteries

TOTAL WEIGHT: 20.8 grams (without battery)


I wonder if it’s a wiring issue… something crossed?

Why not 3.1.7?


Configurator problem, doesn’t affect anything, you can’t use the last 2 listed as they are not real.


Yeah I was wondering if it could be a bug in Beta flight, thoughts confirmed. Thanks man. Why not 3.1.7, just not a fan of odd numbers. Haha. Why? Is there something in 3.1.7 that will make my whoop fly better than 3.1.6?


3.1.7 is what i had on my beecore tiny whoop, and it caused one of the motors to loose power when max throttle, so had to flash it with a previous version


Yeah, I thought 3.1.7 felt a little backwards. Lots oof power in initially but as throttle increases power decreases. I reflashed too back to what I was running before which was 3.1.2.

I finally got around to converting my batteries to the bigger JST 2.0 connectors. I also upgraded the wires to slightly larger AWG wires. I must say, what a improvement, damn. My whoop has Beecore F3 EVO, Racerstar 59000RPM 6mm motors, and VM275T AIO FPV Cam. Its has never performed like it should, until yesterday that is. I wasnt losing power to a point were every 20 secs you have to land but I still had to a couple times a battery. Now it flies like it has a fresh lipo until its time for new battery. Reliable power that consistent on my tiny whoop from start to end is almost unknown to me. I can actually do flips, rolls, and dives now.

I knew upgrading to the JST 2.0 plug would be a noticeable upgrade but I didnt think it would completely change my tiny whoop. I also just seen a YouTube​ video with a guy using 8.5mm motors on his Beecore F3 EVO. I tried to see if others have tried bigger motors on a Beecore but there isn’t much on it at all. I have a set of 7mm motors and I am going to I am going to try to run those tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t fry my FC. I guess I will find out soon enough…


I just bought 20awg wires and jst 2mm connectors to stop using the connectors taken from the wires of the usb chargers. Always thought that the battery wires were too thick compared to the wires in the connector to the fc board. Thought maybe that was making my whoop to loose power. But even Benedikt told me that 24awg wires should be enough to carry the needed power…

Didn’t think about the connector itself. You assume that if they manufacture those batteries with that connector, it should be ok. So yo change only the connector of the battery, and not the wire, is that correct?

And about bigger motors in a beecore board, i tried 0720 14000kv motors and it worked as a charm.


Sorry, i was not paying attention and thought you were talking about a bigger connector… 2mm jst is what i always used…


Hell yeah man. Thank you!!! All I needed is to hear is that someone else has tried the swap and didn’t fry their FC immediately. I am going to swap my Whoop parts onto a 90mm BEE-90 carbon frame that I bought . I had the intentions to do this swap then but did not want to risk burning out my Beecore. It comes with 8mm rubber grommets for 8mm motors but… If you go to any hardware store you can buy the same grommets in all kinds of sizes. So I grabbed 6mm and 7mm grommets so I could have some options in the future. I did swap my whoop parts onto the BEE-90 frame once before, I used the 6mm grommets and I was able to install my Racerstar 59K 6mm motors. Everything fit fine but the only props that I had were 6mm Tiny Whoop props which did not work. I tried 2/3/4 blades and it did not matter, 6mm motors would definitely work just fine with bigger props.

The BEE-90 Frame I am going to try out (Not mine, Random Google pic showing more than a bare frame)

Like I said, my top tier whoop has not flown like a top tier whoop at any point until just recently. I have tried just about everything. When I was using the 1.25mm plug, I swapped the tiny wires that came on the plug to 24AWG wires and that definitely helped. With the original plug and wires my whoop was pretty much not fly-able as it wouldn’t have enough power to stay in the air for more than 5-10 seconds. My whoop is HELLA LIGHT too, it weighs in at 21.5 GRAMS!!! Once I upgraded to 24AWG wires with the 1.25mm plug I could actually fly. I would lose power and hit the ground after about 20-30 seconds so it totally helped. Then recently I wanted to test the 2mm plug.

My Tiny Whoop. Sexy as Hell. Haha.

I have 2 different brands of 1S lipos so I swapped the 2mm plug onto 1 of each as to see if it was worth my time changing all my lipos. I put the 2mm plug with 24AWG wires on my FC. Definitely a major upgrade but still didn’t seem right. My whoop could maintain altitude for the most part but if I tried to do a punch out after I was already airborne, it would barely increase its altitude and very slowly at that. This meant that any flips or rolls were impossible as I would hit the ground every time unless I was 25 feet up in the air. This is when I also developed a new problem that I had not ever had before. Fresh Lipo or not, if I went to take off by immediately giving full throttle or even half throttle my video would go out and turn to static. My video would also turn to static when the battery started to get low and was almost impossible to fly at 3.95v or less. I did discover that if I take off and very slowly increase throttle to around 40% or so that my video feed would be fine.

I use a 3g CrazePony VM275T Micro AIO Cam and it came with absolutely tiny power wires. It came with the same size wires that are on 6mm motors. My previous Micro AIO Cam had bigger wires and I never experienced any cutouts at all until I killed it. Sooo FED up at this point. I changed the wires on my Micro AIO Cam to 26AWG wires and that fixed the video cutout issue completely. Has not happened once since I did that. At the same time I also changed the wires on my 2mm power lead from 24AWG to 20AWG wires since I would have hardly any power after flying for 20/30secs. After these 2 changes…here I am now with a sick ass whoop that I can flip, roll, power loop, and dive shit from the start of a lipo until the voltage cutoff. The inital power of a fresh lipo is maintained throughout the entire flight of a given lipo. My whoop is 10 times more fun to fly now and I fly it almost every single day.

My Main Power Lead upgraded with 20AWG Wires and 2mm Plug

My Lipos with upgraded 20AWG Wires and 2mm Plugs

My Micro AIO Cam with upgraded 26AWG Wires

I have a few other parts on my whoop that I did not mention in the previous post. I use the standard inductrix frame. People who say those frames aren’t strong are either running a heavy ass whoop or are having the gnarliest crashes ever. I have never broken a frame. Today alone I smashed directly into the cement 10 or more times from around 30 feet up as I was trying to learn how to dive a building. Absolutely nothing broke. Haha. I also always use the CrazePony Carbon Fiber Frame Stiffener. This little upgrade is definitely underrated and I will never have a whoop without one in the future. The frame stiffener, as it states, increases rigidity which greatly increases its strength at a cost of .8 grams. This could be why I have never broken a frame and I use the lightest frame out of all of them. The frame stiffener also noticeably increases performance with upgraded motors (with the original clear Inductrix frame anyway). The performance gain occurs because there is no “Torque Steer” of the motors. Without the stiffener, when doing punch outs especially, the lift causes the frame to twist and contort which messes with the thrust vectors of the motors as well as decreases motor efficiency. The gain in motor efficiency greatly outweighs the drag caused by the arms of the frame stiffener crossing through the thrust vectors.

The last upgrade I have is a 3D Printed Canopy which protects my AIO FPV Cam as well as the FC. This is no ordinary 3D printed Canopy though. One of my really good friends has a 3D Printer, I just got one too and I am so stoked. Like 3 weeks ago he wanted to test a new filament so he bought a couple kilos of Black PLA that has Carbon Fiber Reinforcing in it. I have used other canopies in the past and none are even comparable to its durability. It also weighs as much as the super thin plastic CrazePony canopies. The very first thing he printed with the Carbon reinforced PLA is the exact canopy which is on my Tiny Whoop…Still. I mean first thing he printed, his printer was not dialed in for carbon reinforced PLA and he printed it using the settings that gave the fastest print time. When one is trying to dial in the settings for a new filament material, you print with settings that give the fastest time. This way it uses less filament so there is not as much wasted material (test prints usually go in trash). His 3D printer settings are spot on for this filament now, they have been for a couple weeks. I have another canopy he printed since dialing in his printer for this filament and definitely looks better and I know for a fact it is stronger than my current canopy. At this point I decided to keep the original test print canopy to see how long it will last and how strong it is. Like last week, I tried find Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA Tiny Whoop Canopies for sale somewhere online but I did not find a single one which blew my mind. That type of 3D printer filament is decently new though.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because:

I spent ALOT of time and effort trying to get my Tiny Whoop to where it is finally at. If I can spend 10 minutes typing that in turn saves even one other fellow FPV multirotor pilot some money, alot of time and headaches, all the while helping someone learn, than I will type this out to every person who needs help. How I see it is what if I was that one person who tried and tried and tried to get my Tiny Whoop/Multirotor to perform well but was still having a hard time. I would be so incredibly happy to have this knowledge without having to spend the money and put in the time. Besides flight, adass quadcopters, and crazy tricks, what I enjoy most about the hobby is the community.

Like I said, last week I tried to find other 3D Printed Carbon reinforced PLA canopies for sale somewhere online and I didn’t find a single one. It took a decent amount of convincing but I have talked my friend into putting some for sale on EBAY. Initially he did not want too as his only knowledge about the hobby was learned through hanging out with me all the time. Roughly around the same time he ordered the carbon PLA, I let him fly my custom built Wizard X220 in angle mode on 3S. Prior to this he has watched me fly many times but this is all it took and he is hooked. He placed an order last week for a miniquad, a tiny whoop, and the necessary gear. He still didn’t know if he wanted to post them on EBAY. He wanted to wait until he got his quads, was flying them, and had more knowledge about the hobby. I ended up convincing him by saying that you don’t have to know much about he hobby to post these canopies for sale, you just have to know 3D printing. Since his whoop and miniquad are somewhere on a boat in the middle of the Pacific, I sent him some pictures of my tiny whoop that has that Carbon PLA canopy so he could use them in the EBAY listing. So if you do look at the EBAY listings you will see my sexy ass whoop there. Haha. I told him these canopies are way too good to not be offered to fellow pilots as soon as possible. Haha. Which is exactly why he isn’t selling them for alot. Honestly, I probably would be asking a little more than he is, they are $6.99 with free shipping. By trade he is an engineer and designs shit all day using CAD so he knows 3D printing like I know multirotors. He now has the canopies and other 3D printed tiny whoop gear for sale on EBAY.

I also want to add that I do not make a single cent, ever, from my friends EBAY sales nor would I want too. Shit man, after he gave me the first print/first canopy printed with the carbon PLA I gave him 5 bucks. I didn’t have too but I appreciate it when he prints different things and gives them to me to try out. Normally I don’t give him anything for test printed items as they are printed fast as possible with no regards for appearance, strength, or quality, but I wanted to try this carbon PLA for a while. Not to mention I have spent a good chunch of change on the hobby and have never made a cent off it nor would I want too. The things I get from the hobby are worth more to me than money.

---- Thats pretty funny. I made the initial post but then went back and edited it as I wanted to add a few more things as well as add pictures. Meanwhile, while I am editing the original post and adding pictures you are reading the initial post. HAHA. The black canopy on my whoop is the test printed Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA canopy. This is a test print he did while trying to dial in his printer for that particular filament material. The Canopies he prints and has for sale now look much nicer and are even stronger than this one. ----


Would love to see one of those canopies.
Got a pic?
What’s the weight?


It says this at the bottom of the last post but I made the initial post then decided there was a few more tidbits of info that i wanted to add as well as some pictures. While I was editing, you just happen to read it. HAHA. I haven’t weighted just the canopy by itself just yet but I will right now. I will also make a post with the links to his EBAY listings. I am thinking about doing that as a new topic but I haven’t decided because I don’t want people to think that I am doing it out of some kind of personal gain. I don’t get shit from it but I want to give back to the community that has given me so much in any way I can.


Keep in mind that the carbon PLA canopy that I have is a test print and he normally tosses them but I was at his house when he got that filament in the mail and wanted to try it out. Not to mention I have been flying it for a couple weeks, abusing the hell out of it. I still can’t believe it took all those hits today to the cement trying to learn dives. If I was using the Crazepony canopy still, my Micro AIO FPV Cam would have been dead after 1 or 2 falls to the cement from that height. Anyway, I still had my old Crazepony canopies laying around, my old go to, so I thought I would weigh that just for comparison. I thought the Crazepony would be lighter than it is and I thought the Carbon PLA would be heavier. I do know that a non-test printed one will be slightly heavier as they are printed with slightly higher infill settings and smaller layer height, and a much slower print speed.This is how you increase the strength of a print and make it have a better finish. He did tell me that he removed the star decoration from the top as it was pointless. He said all it did was add weak points, make it ugly, and wasn’t even enough removal of filament to make a noticable difference in weight.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA Canopy

A Crazepony Canopy