Flash betafpv lite fc v2 with NFE, motor rotation

Can the light fc v2 be flashed with NFE? Can someone help me out with the correct repository? Will this give me access to set motor direction? Do I have any idea what I am talking about? Lol😂.

I’m trying to run props out with the v2 board but it seems like it need to tell it so. On my brushless 2s board there is a settings tab for that as I’m sure you’re aware. Will this gain me access to that or is it just not possible without customization I’m not equipped to handle? Thanks for any help

Regular NFE wont work - or at least a bunch of things will stop working, such as the OSD

You want the BetaFPV lite silverware

This source code is shared amongst the brushed/brushless FCs, but the motor direction menu is only enabled for the brushless boards.
Currently the Master Branch is configured for Brushed FCs, and has a very cool new feature that enables DFU as soon as you plug into USB; so once you have that there is no more need for the ST-Link tool. So grab that source, select invert-yaw-pid in config.h and you are good to go.

Alternatively I made a fork of that source to implement a couple of other changes (props out config, bayang telemetry (cannot use toy transmitter), LEDs switchable by channel)

That has strong filtering enabled. i guess due to my bent props. Might have better performance with beta filtering (see config.h).

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Oh forgot to mention, the litesilverware by betafpv is already based on NFE silverware but with lowered PIDs and props-in configuration (and gestures disabled, so you cant reverse motor direction with gestures). My source re-enables gestures too btw.

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Hey thanks for the help. Couple of questions, if I flash with either of these do I have to use the stlink the first time? I need props out so I can run inductrix frames. The struts are angled for it. Also if I use yours can I use the lite radio 2? I have a t12 pro but I also ordered a lite radio. I was going to add a receiver and use d8 with my lite radio 2.

No you dont need to use the st-link. If you bridge the DFU pads while plugging it into your PC you can get it into DFU mode like that (will need to update the driver as the default driver is not correct). Then you need the DFU file, and Dfusedemo app to flash it. I posted instructions on RCGroups, and here too i think? The instructions on RCGroups is most clear, and i posted a DFU file there (one for my original changes, and another for the most recent update.

As for the lite radio 2… did you get the Frsky version?
I havent touched the SBUS code, so if you wire that receiver into the FC and switch the receiver mode to SBUS, it should work as normal. You wont have telemetry though, so in the end i guess there isnt any point with using my fork in that case.