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First Flyaway :(


I just built my first micro… and first quad altogether. It was the 135mm H frame, 8.5mm motors, parrot props and a micro scisky board. Got some help on programming in CF today and was flying around the yard tonight and combination of low light, wind and lack of experience and baby went bye bye… As I was trying to walk to a better spot to see it, must have lost Tx and fell out of the sky. Unfortunately, the direction it headed was over the only dense patch of trees in my neighborhood. I walked it a bit tonight and couldn’t find anything. One more look tomorrow in the daylight, but I’m sure its gone. Has anyone found a buzzer that will work on the small boards?



Was this a flying skill error or did you have a distinct hardware/software issue that caused this?

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Not 100% sure, at this point, but as much as I want to blame the gear, I’m sure lack of experience played a big part. It got a lot further away from me than I normally fly and it didn’t seem to be reacting the way I would have expected when I was trying to recover and bring back. There was a pretty good breeze on the ground and it was pretty high up so I’m pretty sure the wind took it. It was also getting dark and I was trying to squeeze one more flight in. I’ve got a buddy coming over tomorrow and we are going for a walk, but I think it will be trying to find a needle in a hay field. I think this area of my neighborhood is like the Bermuda Triangle. Years ago I lost a small electric plane and I had a small Heli that flew off in the same direction. I was able to recover that one, but the plane never turned up.



hello bubbak :wink: this is part of our hobby, many problems can occur in flight, they are small quad, to do so many experiences, even to me happened to lose so much, but on the one hand and 'experience never give up, good luck :+1:



Sorry to hear of your loss @bubbak but as @gaetano intimated you are not the first, nor will you be the last to do the walk of shame - TX but no quad. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone how many Hubsan X4’s I lost when I started out but the numbers do drop fortunately. AFAIK a buzzer can be implemented in Cleanflight but the buzzer weight is a major consideration. If you search on buzzer here, you will find a few current and recent discussions on buzzers generally :smiley:

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Happened to me a couple weeks back. Sucks. Take one last look when you’re fresh. Then start ordering parts and build a new beast :wink:

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Thanks guys… I guess the first one is the hardest. I’ll be ordering more parts today I guess. Looks like the fc is out of stock at bangood already. I found the quantum board at HK, guess I’ll be ordering that one.



Well, we walked around the woods with no luck. Guess its time to order another one.



picnicquads should also have the SciSyky! :slight_smile: And you are right… the first one is defentley the hardest… but don’t hang on that… Thats part of the learning courve…



@bubbak Sorry to hear about your flyaway. I know the feeling!! My first flyaway also happened to me just a week ago. I let a friend try to fly one of my “easy to handle” quads and he let it get too high. By the time I took the controller back from him, I couldn’t figure out the orientation and it just kept flying farther and farther away no matter what I did. When it was just a tiny speck in the distance of this huge flying field I was at, I finally decided to cut the throttle. Took a walk but couldn’t find it either. And not long before that I had my first fried FC by reversing the polarity of VIN on my first real FC, which was a Scisky. :grin:



@jayodas I dont let friends fly exactly for that reason except I managed to snatch the controller before I lost it. They can look but no touchy because in most cases all you get is a ‘sorry’ and a lost quad.

That or only let them fly indoors and away from your tv :wink:



Thanks for the encouragement. I am getting ready to buy a new frame and motor set. Now of course, it seems like the Scisky control board is out of stock on BG. I’ve never ordered from Oversky…I’m in the US, and I don’t think they are? I may get one of the Quanum Pico boards from HK… Are there any other brushed FC options? I am going to be running the 8.5mm motors, so not real happy about using the Nano QX boards.



Check out picnicquads.com. They’re in the US and sell the scisky with motor sockets and battery connector, optionally preassembled

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Out of stock as well!



Scisky is back in stock

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Careful, banggood will absolutely sell you something that is out of stock and then let you wait weeks for it to be restocked instead of telling you. All while the product page stays up and selling them the entire time.

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So this morning, my doorbell rings… I answer it, and its my neighbor holding my Carbon Fiber H frame that I lost back in January, all intact… over the winter, it must have fallen from the tree and it was laying in his backyard. Since this flew away, we had a 2 foot snowstorm and probably a total of 6" of rain. I never expected it to work, but atleast got the frame and perfect props. For the heck of it, I plugged it into CF and it came right up. I bound the transmitter and everything responded. I disconnected it, and hooked up a battery. Surely there would be smoke from somewhere. I armed the motors and all 4 spun up to full throttle. Getting ready to take it on a test flight. What a happy day!!



Awesome!! It had time to drain power before the snow probably so it wasn’t damaged and was dried out before your latest power up! Cool story. Must be a happy day for you.



Exactly… Put about 6 batteries through it today and didn’t skip a beat. Had a blast. Couldn’t have come back at a better time. Yesterday I was flying the Reggae shark and a crash landing blew out a few motors I don’t have spares.

The battery when it crashed was at .13 when I plugged it into the charger to test. The HiTec wouldn’t charge it, but I plugged it into one of the cheap Chinese chargers for a bit to bring the voltage up. I let it sit and put it back on the Hitec. I left it at 4.20v for awhile, But it wouldn’t complete. I decided to unplug it and let it sit. After an hour, it dropped by itself to 4.04. I think its shot, but will check it again tomorrow and see what it looks like.



That is an awesome story. The little quad that made his way home! Stoked the fc was still good. Luckily for you that battery must have fully discharged before the FC got actually wet.