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First Drone Memories


Don’t judge me on what I watch on youtube, but, during a silly segment a youtuber got to flying his first drone and I LOL’d at my own fondest memories of my first drone from moment of binding to wacking the ceiling. Maybe a few folk here would happened to have shared a similar experience. Here’s said youtube https://youtu.be/aOxLIT1_DQ4?t=773. Watch at 12:53, the rest is irrelevant brain melting material.

My first drone was 3 years ago. I couldn’t fly at all, crashing into every obstruction in it’s “easy” mode. I practiced flying around more and landing in different areas. Flips were done by a button press. I felt awesome; so naturally I wanted to upgrade. I went on the internet and for the first time searched “micro quadcopter upgrades”, I found RCgroups, then MMW, Benedikt, Alienwii. Everything was laid out for me, all I had to do was wait for an Alienwii to be available. 3 months later I had it in one hand while the other wiped my drool. I made every mistake with my first custom build; mixed motors up, mixed props up, and a polarity crisis :(. Troubleshooting was a breeze with the RCG knowledge base I followed but never partook in. Alienwii setup was a breeze with Benedikt’s tutorial video’s. Despite how overwhelming and intimidating the amount of information there is to know about these little quads I was in the air with my newest addiction in no time.


No judgement! i youtube all day and can’t believe the amount of crazy content there is on there lol I love “reflection” posts like this. lol :slight_smile: remember the good ol days?

Button flips! it’s so funny how easily amused noobie pilots can be :slight_smile: lol jm these machines are marvelously mesmerizing just simply flying around, let alone the fact that it can auto flip! no waaaaayyyy!!! lol

my first quadcopter was the dromida vista about a year and a half ago… i had so many problems with that thing I literally felt my blood pressure rising on a daily basis, due to a mix of manufacture errors, and piloting noobie errors… I then ditched the vista (literally, with no regrets) and picked up a RELIABLE alias and ever since then I was hooked. Hit up benedikt for a six pack of mmw insane editions and shredded on that alias like it was nobody’s business for months… I had something to look forward to during and after work! staring at the sky during sunset watching the lights cruise around the sky!

I have since stopped buying pre-built RTF copters, and started trying to build DIY copters… the building aspect of the hobby for me is really quite stressful and tough, but feels really rewarding when I finally do get to fly my quads… (I spoiled myself too much with RTF packages)


Good topic, @boomtown! :slight_smile:

My first “drone” was a huge octocopter for remote sensing. That was 4+ years ago. Had some fun flying waypoints. Had one bad crash when it lost radio signal behind a building. TBH, I’m surprised there weren’t more crashes, given how green I was.

Thankfully, I quickly realized that large multi-rotors are a complicated and expensive PITA. Every quad I’ve build since then has been successively smaller, lighter, and simpler. Fast forward to today, and all that’s left in my active fleet are a few mini and micro quads. Slowly but surely, the micro quads – both brushed and brushless – have been taking over my world. :smiley:


Oh no lol it is always so sad when bigger rc copters or quads or planes crash lol it’s like the bigger they are the sadder it can get! lol!

Yeah man, who needs a big quad these days when the same things can be done with smaller ones? lol There is no doubt that micros are definitely invading my life as well, brushless or brushed! I doubt I will ever buy anything above a 210mm frame from here on out…

It’s funny how you mentioned “active fleet” keyword being “active” lmao I actually retired my aton, dromida vista, and both latrax aliases because they became “boring” to me. They all still work though… (except the vista which has been ditched, literally) I decided to give them to my family members and friends and they are now enjoying a part of the quad life :).

1 vortex 250 pro, 1 vortex 250 pro ummagawd edition, 2 DIY micros are currently in my active fleet. (building up a 130mm brushless set up soon, and a 115mm brushed x frame soon too)

I am glad I still have my BNF vortex 250s though. Everytime I have the urge to fly they are always ready and waiting!

sometimes with the DIY projects I’ll go out to try and fly it and it will need repairs or something right off the bat lmao lol Guess I just gotta build them better!

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This makes me think back to my early R/C memories prior to flying for the first time. Loved my Associated RC10 Championship edition…first serious R/C vehicle for me as a young teen.

Friends drew me into the flying side of things with a gift in my early thirties with an e-flite Blade MCX2. The only thing that got me through overnight shifts working production in the brewery. 10-minute break, time to scare the brewers!

First quad was an impulse buy at Fry’s Electronics…$20 on a nano quad. Hey this is fun, no marks on the wall, safe…oh crap there’s the blinds! Bent motor shaft. On to my trusty Hubsan X4, still need to mod it…

The one oddly that cemented the hobby in me was going in with coworkers on the Micro Drone 3.0 as a group buy on IndieGoGo. It floes well and is a nice size, increased stability and all that noise. Then I stumbled onto MMW and the forums…

Now an alien abductee, a Tiny Whoop later and I’m already planning the next 3-4 builds…here I was thinking I wouldn’t pick up another hobby. This time I swear it is the last!

So much fun!!!

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I still fly and mod and play around with those to this very day! Actually one should be arriving very soon in the post :slight_smile:

That acro firmware rocks!